Crop circles aren’t new and people have been seeing them made (and not by other people, either) for over 50 years. Alec Randall of Wiltshire, England describes looking into a field with his girlfriend in 1955 and seeing a “distortion of the air, like a thick haze of heat” 20 feet above a wheat field. They heard a “cracking noise like an electric shock noise?an electrical bang.” When the haze lifted 20 minutes later, there was a circle in the field.

Nick Redfern writes that the resulting shape was a perfect circle about 8 feet in diameter. The wheat was flattened in a “beautiful swirl but with a smell of burning metal in the air which lasted for a few minutes or until we got used to it.”

Redfern wrote an earlier article about crop circles being investigated by the military during World War II because they thought they might be signals to Nazi fighter pilots. Randall says, “I’ve followed the circle things since the 80s because of my sighting, but to know that there were others who had seen them before me was good to know.”

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