In the Yukon village of Teslin, Bigfoot has been seen at a construction site near the airport. Conservation Officer Dave Bakica says the two people who saw it “claim they thought it was a person standing beside the road, but couldn’t tell from all the dust. By the time they turned around to look back they said this person was completely covered in hair and took just two strides to get across the whole Alaska highway.” And one Bigfoot researcher is determined to bring back photographs of a Yeti from Sumatra.

Tests by experts at Cambridge University and in Australia have confirmed that a footprint and hairs previously brought back from Sumatra by explorer Adam Davies do not belong to any known species. Now he plans to return to the island to bring back photographic evidence that the Yeti exists. Tales of the orang-pendek, “little man of the forest,” are part of the folklore of Sumatra, Indonesia. The creature is reported to be about 5 feet tall, chocolate brown or orange and able to walk upright.

Davies says, “We know it exists, and a few people have reported seeing it recently. Now we want to take photos of it. We are going back for about a month, and we will spend all that time in the jungle with a team of trackers concentrating on three or four spots where there have been sightings. We hope to pick up a trail, try to pick out some areas of elevation in the jungle and then fan out and observe the jungle silently. The rainforest is being chopped down. We hope that if we can get pictures, we will be able to help preserve the rainforest from illegal logging.”

The hairs his team brought back in 2001 were examined by expert Hans Brunner in Australia, who concluded that the DNA matched no known animal. His findings were confirmed by primatologist David Chivers. Davies says, “The footprints I have looked at are unique. It has something in common with apes, gibbons and humans, but it is different.”

Marion Sheldon and Gus Jules were driving down a highway in the Yukon when they saw a Bigfoot and reported it to Officer Bakica. When he got to the location, it had disappeared into the bush. He searched for tracks but thinks they may have been washed away by the rain.

Sheldon and Jules say they don’t want to talk about the experience until they have consulted with local Teslin Tlingit elders. Bigfoot is part of many Native American traditions.

Another Bigfoot sighting took place in British Columbia on May 17, when a resident said that while driving his car, he saw what looked a father and son near the side of the road, getting a drink of water.

Bigfoot’s world has almost ended?will ours end too, in 2009? A mysterious author using the pen name of Peter Lorie tells us that’s what the Bible says.

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