Amazing new inventions on the horizon – It’s about time: Some amazing new inventions are coming our way: All it takes is researchers who can envision the future. What if charging your computer, iPod or cell phone was as easy as plugging it into your tee shirt? And what if you could power your building by working out in the basement?

Researchers think they can change ordinary cotton and polyester into “conductive energy textiles,” that double as a rechargeable battery. Science Daily quotes researcher Yi Cui as saying, “Wearable electronics represent a developing new class of materials with an array of novel functionalities, such as flexibility, stretchability, and lightweight, which allow for many applications and designs previously impossible with traditional electronics technology.” It’s all done with “ink” made from tiny carbon nanotubes. When applied to cotton and polyester fabrics, the ink produces an excellent ability to store electricity. The fabrics kept their new e-properties under conditions that simulated repeated laundering.

And what if you could harness some of the energy generated by people using exercise machines in a health club or gym and convert it into electricity to power the building? This would be a reason to create an exercise room in your basement, as well as a good reason for businesses to open gyms and encourage employees to use them. A 30-minute workout on an elliptical cross-trainer typically produces enough electricity to power a light bulb for between two and three hours or a desktop computer for around a half hour.

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