David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities inthe world, and this week guest host William Henry interviewshim about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past.Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret societies andthe hidden past, William delves deeper in to this remarkableman’s ideas than any other interviewer ever has.

Icke has come to believe that love is the key to defeatingthe forces that he believes are crushing mankind. But whatare these forces? How do they work? Why are they here?

You will learn more about David Icke and his ideas in thisinterview than you ever have anywhere else before. Do notmiss William Henry penetrating the depths of this mysteriousman and his highly unusual ideas.

Whitley Strieber joins David Icke and William Henry for aprivate discussion that is frank, open and completelyastonishing.

What is David Icke really all about? How does he regard the’repitilians’ now? Who is the real enemy? Where is humanityheaded? He and Whitley and William address all of thesequestions and more.

Is David for real? Give his sophisticated ideas on so manysubjects, why does he consider that shape-shifting aliensplay such a large role in our lives? Whitley asks the hard,penetrating question, and gets answers that will haunt youfor years to come.

David Icke’s website is

Also: Governments are hiding the truth about the bird flucrisis. Linda Howe exposes this growing danger.

William Henry possesses the wisdom to discern what’s realabout the occult, and what isn’t?that’s why he’s the onlyauthor (other than Whitley himself) to have his own sectionon our bookstore!

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