UPDATE – We’ve long predicted a war over the moon, due to the precious Helium 3 fuel lying on its surface. But the FIRST of the modern energy wars may be over the north pole, which Russia has claimed by planting a Russian flag on floor of the Arctic ocean, just below the pole. This dispute is going on because of all the valuable oil beneath the icy surface. Keep reading for UPDATE.

BBC News reports that Canada has stated that it will build two military outposts there in order to assert its sovereignty over the region. A group of Danish scientists is getting ready to map the seabed under the ice in order to determine exactly where the oil is located.

UPDATE: In the same way that various countries are planning trips to the moon ?in the name of science,? the US is now headed to Arctic, where Russia has recently claimed the North Pole (and the valuable oil underneath it).

In LiveScience.com, reporter Doug Esser writes that the A US Coast Guard icebreaker that is headed to the Arctic is only there “to map the sea floor off Alaska.” Esser quotes Coast Guard director Larry Mayer as saying, “We’re basically just doing science?We’ve had this trip planned for months, and it has nothing to do with the Russians planting their flag.”

Melting ice is reopening the historic Northwest Passage, which can be used to bring oil drilling equipment to the area.

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

While most people have heard about Russia planting their flag underneath the pole, few people know about the potential war between Russia and the West that is developing over the moon. Other people BRING you the news, but we’re the only ones with the courage to INTERPRET it correctly! Make sure we’re still here tomorrow: subscribe today!

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