If you buy Coca-Cola’s Dasani brand bottled water in London, you’re drinking water from the city’s public supply?the same water you can get out of a faucet for free.

Trevor Datson writes that this is true of many other bottled waters as well. Canadean, an independent beverage research company, discovered that two out of every five bottles of water sold worldwide don’t originate naturally from a spring. Most of the supermarket label bottled water is just local tap water, although it may be filtered and purified more.

The truth about Dasani was discovered when a complaint was made to the British Food Standards Agency about the use of the word “pure” in its advertising, saying this implies that London’s tap water is “impure.”

Frits van Dijk of Nestle, which also produces bottled water, says, “Branding does matter, even for a mundane product like water.”

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