Times are tough in Texas. First, there was the Elmendorf Beast, a hairless coyote-like animal found dead in Elmendorf, Texas. Whitley Strieber had its DNA analyzed, and there were two conflicting reports, one that it was unknown and another that it was a coyote. A biologist who examined it said that its head was not that of a coyote. Another observer thought that its bone structure had been distorted by disease, and that it was indeed a coyote with sarcoptic mange. It was also determined that it was not the carcass of a Xolo, a rare type of Mexican hairless dog.

Whatever it was, they are now running in packs in Texas. In the Austin Statesman, Benjamin Wermund quotes local resident Rick Cumptson, who has seen these critters twice in a field outside his store, as saying, "We don’t know what it is. I’d never even heard of chupacabra until about two weeks ago. I started looking, trying to figure out what the hell these were.

"There was an adult and a teen just behind our building just about two weeks ago. Me and a helper saw them about 7:15 in the morning. They hightailed it back up the street into the woods."

Cumptson managed to take some pictures of the creatures. He says, "They were just hanging out there in the field. It looked like they maybe had just had breakfast and were out there playing around."

Austin’s animal control department recently received a report about the animals. Wermund quotes police captain Mike Harmon as saying, "The report was either a mangy looking coyote or someone called it a chupacabra."

But Cumptson doesn’t think that’s what it is. Wermund quotes him as saying, "I don’t think it’s possible. I’ve seen coyotes and I’ve seen this–two of them within 25 feet–(and) their head is nowhere similar to a coyote at all. Their ears are different, their eyes are different. I just can’t believe that. My guess is it’s some kind of a cross-breed."

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