When the Spanish encountered the indigenous people in some parts of Latin America, they were shocked to discover that they practiced child sacrifice. The naturally-preserved mummies of these children are still being found on mountain tops today. NowScott Corrales reports that this is still happening in Chile, where a child was sacrificed in 1960 to bring an end to a series of severe earthquakes.

These were extremely destructive quakes that set off an enormous tsunami. During a two week period, one of them reached 9.8, the highest number ever recorded on the Richter scale. Seismologist Edgar Kausel says, “There were nine earthquakes all along the country, running from May 22 to June 6.”

The Mapuches people offered up animal sacrifices, and when that didn’t work, a shaman suggested they sacrifice a child. Hours after they did this, the quakes ended. Eventually, five people were accused of killing a five-year old boy.

The Mapuches have a legend in which the serpent Cai Cai flooded the earth. Only a few people survived by climbing on a mountain and resorting to child sacrifice. An anthropologist says, “What occurred was part of their ancestral religion, emerging in exactly the same context. From the Mapuche perspective, it is nothing but the culture expressed in its purest belief?the origin myth.”

So much of what goes on in the world is hidden from sight.

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