After a two year hiatus, during which time the system has undergone a complete overhaul, CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) unveils a new and much more powerful version of the Large Hadron Collider, and has entered into a three-year partnership with Seagate, utilizing its Kinetic Open Storage Platform to more efficiently handle CERN’s massive data needs toward a goal of proving the theories of dark matter, parallel universes, and other dimensions.

If dark matter exists, it was created at the time of the Big Bang. Additionally, if wormholes exist, they will come into being around black holes, and the LHC now has the energy necessary to generate tiny black holes and observe the results. The LHC will begin firing this month at nearly twice its previous capacity, effectively recreating the conditions of the Big Bang inside the LHC and giving scientists a chance to finally test these theories. The sheer volume of data generated will require the most technologically advanced data collections, cataloging, and storage system in the world – enter Seagate and their KOSP:

“CERN creates a truly astonishing amount of data on a daily basis, and finding secure and efficient ways to store that information is one of the most important challenges we face,” said CERN’s head of open lab, Alberto Di Meglio. “We are excited to collaborate with Seagate on understanding how the Kinetic storage architecture could potentially contribute to the CERN infrastructure and aid the very demanding Large Hadron Collider program by reducing complexity and operational costs in our storage systems.”

If CERN is successful in proving the existence of dark matter and/or that of black holes to alternate universes and dimensions, theories fundamental to our understanding of the universe will be confirmed. If not, it will mean that we have either fundamentally misunderstood the way reality works, or that even the newly revised LHC and its data analysis system are not yet adequate.

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