28 pages were removed from the 900 page report to congress by the Bush government about the causes behind 911. According to the New York Times, those pages would have revealed that Saudi officials funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations that helped finance the September 11 attacks. Another example of Bushing editing is the new plan to study the causes of global warming. Environmentalists complain that only natural causes will be considered, while industrial and automobile emissions will be ignored.

In the 911 report, even the declassified sections make it clear that the Saudis supported anti-Western extremists while trying to placate their biggest oil customers. What if we got mad and really cleaned up our act by investing in energy-saving cars and non-oil sources of electricity? But it’s also clear they’ve shot themselves in the foot, because the terrorists they’ve supported are now making trouble in Saudi Arabia itself. Just as Bush left the Saudis out of their 911 report, he’s left human pollution out of his global warming study. The government plans to only look at the natural causes of climate change.

It’s true that natural cycles are undoubtedly the main reason behind global warming. Tree rings and ice cores show evidence of sudden climate change in the past. The point of global warming should not be to parcel out blame?it should be to plan for the future. Crops will have to be grown in new places and people may have to be relocated. In the U.S. alone, some of the hottest places in the country, such as Phoenix, are also where the most growth is taking place. The government needs to identify the parts of the country that will stay the coolest in the future, and try to steer citizens to those areas. They also need to make sure there?s enough water available for them.

But if controlling greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles and power plants will delay the inevitable warming, shouldn’t we by trying to do this? Annie Petsonk, an Environmental Defense lawyer, says, “Where the administration has thought to take any action at all has been to delete climate references from reports and to try to repudiate the science that says global warming is happening now.”

Philip Clapp, of the National Environmental Trust, says, “Most climate scientists around the world will see this as fiddling while Rome burns?This would have been a great research program if it had been announced by the first President Bush 10 years ago.”

What?s up with our so-called friends the Saudis? Former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold tells why they’re hatred?s kingdom. Don’t miss his interview with Whitley on Dreamland, starting this Saturday.

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