On July 4th, farmer Arthur Rantala watched a crop circle being made in his field in Mayville, Wisconsin. Since that time, investigators have investigated the circles and have determined they’re not manmade.

Rantala says, “They took extensive measurements and made intricate drawings of the circles showing the directions of the grain, which way it lays and took samples of grain from the inside of (the) circles and out and they’re going to send them to a laboratory in Michigan.”

His theory? “To my notion, it’s Mother Nature and just a mini-tornado, but it didn’t develop to anything more than this. It’s just something (that) happened and I happened to see it,” he says.

The field was investigated by Gary Kahlhamer, Dr. Charles N. Lietzau, Roger Sugden, and Jeffrey Wilson. Their tests on the nodes of the grain inside the circles shows horizontal ruptures which are characteristic of authentic formations.

By “authentic,” investigators mean circles that have been using an unknown method that produces sudden bursts of high heat. These can be compared to manmade circles, in which the grain is flattened with ropes and boards. The grain in these circles does not show the exploded nodes that are caused by sudden heating.

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