Newswise – The current administration’s almost total concern with thewelfare of Big Business, often to the detriment of theordinary citizen, is nothing new. In the 1950s, baby formulamanufacturers convinced mothers in this country thatbreastfeeding was embarrassing and unnecessary?and the U.S.government went along with this idea. Now we know that thischange is the cause of some of the major diseases of moderntimes.

Calorie-dense baby formulas, which claimed to be able toreplace mother’s milk, became the only practical way to feedyour baby. Bottles replaced breasts, and since baring yourbreasts in public in order to feed your baby wasembarrassing in a society thatregards breasts strictly as sexual objects, this was arelief to many women. Later, when women joined the workforce in large numbers, breast feeding became impracticaland even more mothers turned to baby formulas. While it waspossible to use a breast pump to expel milk and save it inthe refrigerator for future use, but it wasn’t alwayspractical. Now scientists have now discovered that not beingbreastfed?or breastfed long enough?causes metabolicsyndrome, which predisposes people to the risk of heartattacks by increasing blood pressure, insulin andtriglyceride levels and lowering “good” (HDL) cholesterollevels. The longer people are breastfed, the lower theirblood pressure. Exclusive breastfeeding for at least sixmonths is the ideal.

The automatic response to this news is: Doesn’t this have todo with feminism and changes in women’s lifestyles? Also,the government didn’t realize this at the time, so whatcould they have done about it? It’s true that some of thisproblem is due to our ignorance and naivet

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