In January, John Hogue gaveus his predictions about what the future would bring in2005. As a special Memorial Day program, we go back in timeand listen to his prophecies again. How did he do? Some ofhis prophecies have come true…and some that haven’t are soscary that we hope they don’t!

For subscribers, Preston Dennett tells some of the mostextraordinary UFO stories you will ever hear in thisriveting interview about the west coast UFO situation. Theyinclude a close up sighting of a UFO in the water by afishing boat crew, a description of a night when hundreds ofUFOs filledTopangaCanyon in California, and an awesome and deeply troublingfirsthand account of a woman abductee who had a twindisappear from her womb, but brought the other baby to term.

Linda Howe’s report tells the whole explosive story: theBrazilian government admits thatUFOs are real!You won’t hear this news anyplace else, sosubscribe today!

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