Tonight the moon will be full and the Seven Sisters at the top of the sky. This is the first Halloween since 1955 that there has been a full moon, and will be the last until 2020.

At midnight, the moon will be directly overhead with the Pleaides. It will reach the moment of complete fullness at 12:41 AM EST.

The current position of the Pleaides is associated in some cultures with great calamities.

Tonight’s moon is also a “blue moon.” A blue moon is the third full moon of a season that contains four full moons. The third full moon is called “blue” because it is unnamed. If it was named in the traditional manner in relation to the solstices and eqinoxes, the names of the other full moons, such as the Moon Before Samhain and the Moon After Samhain, would not fall at the proper times.

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Illustrating this story: “The Fishing Party” by Fitzhugh Lane, 1850.

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