The legend of outlaw Billy the Kid, aka William Bonney, says that after killing a sheriff in the 1870s, he was shot and killed by Pat Garrett in 1881. But if that’s the case, how come Ollie Roberts, of Hico, Texas, claimed to be The Kid until his death in 1950?

Homer Overton says that Garrett and the man who later became known as Roberts teamed up to shoot an anonymous drunk?Garrett to get credit for killing The Kid, and Billy to stay alive. They shot him in the face, while he was passed out in the street, so he couldn’t be identified.

Local authorities are seeking permission to exhume the body of the Kid’s mother, Catherine Antrim, so they can compare her DNA with that of Roberts. Overton was told this story 63 years ago, when he was nine years old, by Pat Garrett’s widow, Apolonaria. He says her statement “?Made such an impression on me that I have remembered it in detail these 63 years.”

Some people are tireless in their search for truth.

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