We know that microscopic particles from soot and other pollutants can enter our lungs and can also cause heart attacks. But now it’s been discovered that even smaller particles from air pollution can reach our brains. What harm this may cause is unknown, but they could be related to the alarming increase in brain tumors in recent years.

Alex Kirby writes in bbcnews.com that the microscopic particles of pollution from traffic, industry and older power plants enter our lungs, make their way to our bloodstream, then on to our heart and eventually to our brain. People who work in certain industries, such as manufacturing sunblock cream, ink, photocopier toners and welding, are exposed to even more of them. In undeveloped countries, they are given off by indoor cooking stoves.

Researcher Ken Donaldson says that what scientists didn’t realize before was that the smallest of these particles “can get to areas that bigger particles cannot reach,” such as the brain. He says, “We are already exposed to nanoparticles of different kinds. We already recognize that there is some ill-health associated with these exposures. But they may also translocate away from their point of entry into the blood or the brain. We are not sure what the consequences of this are yet?I think there could be an increased future risk for all of us, and also a higher risk for people exposed at present to nanoparticles at work, though it’s impossible to say how much bigger their risk is.”

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