In British Columbia, Francis Joe found a trail of huge 15 inch footprints in his strawberry field on the reservation where he lives. He thinks they belong to the legendary creature the Cowichan people call Thumquas. He says, “That’s not the tracks of an ordinary human.”

He heard his dogs barking, but didn’t pay any attention to them because they often “bark all night.” Local fishermen told him they’ve heard growling noises in the brush along the river.

Thirty years ago, his three daughters saw a sasquatch in the same vicinity. “It was just getting dark and it was standing by a ditch just staring at us,” says Jeanne Bob. “It was really big, black and hairy, and had a very strong smell. I wasn’t kidding then and now I really believe it.”

The soil in the berry patch was too soft to reveal a double ball on the foot, which some investigators believe separates real bigfoot tracks from fakes. The double ball would be necessary to carry the weight of the eight-foot creature. John Kirk, of the B.C. Scientific Cryptozoology Club, says, “Each foot print also has to be different because of walking mechanics. With fakes, every footprint is exactly the same.” The footprints are three inches deep, which Kirk says is important because, “An imprint deeper than a human’s indicates a greater weight.”

Want to know more about Bigfoot? Loren Coleman is the ultimate authority.

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