The Wrigley gum company is planning to develop a gum that contains Viagra, which would work faster than taking the pill. The gum would begin to work after about 2 minutes of chewing, while the pill takes an hour or more. And think of the potential for practical jokes! Meanwhile, people who live near a Viagra manufacturing plant say they just have to sniff the air to benefit from the drug.

Richard Gizbert writes in that when the went blows over the Viagra plant in Ringaskiddy, Ireland, resident Charles Allen heads downwind. He says, “They’re grinding the tablets and the wind is coming from that direction. So there’s bound to be a certain amount in the air all the time. That’s why we’re sitting here.”

Construction worker Bill McKenna says his sex drive increased when he and his wife moved here. “My wife thought I was going to lap dancing clubs or something ?” he says.

“There’s a bit of happiness in the air about it,” says resident Kevin O’Donovan. “You’d never see 60-, 70-year-olds walking around smiling before ? holding each other, kissing.”

But Pfizer thinks it?s all in their minds. Spokesman Paddy Caffrey says, “From our perspective, there is absolutely no question anything like that can happen. Absolutely not.”

There are lot of different ways to have a good time.

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