UPDATE: Warning from CA Senator – The quake in Haiti didn’t generate a tsunami, but we could be due for one right here in the US. There are only 2 places in the US where an earthquake could generate a gigantic wave of this type, and new studies show a quake in one of these could happen very soon.

There is an underwater fault almost 700 miles long called the Cascadia subduction zone that runs 50 miles off the coast from California to Vancouver Island in Canada that has been the source of 4 huge earthquakes in the last 1,600 years.In LiveScience.com, Robin Lloyd quotes geologist Brian Atwater of the USGS as saying, “People need to know it could happen.”

This zone has been studied for many years and has the longest data record about its earthquakes than any other major fault in the world. These studies show that earthquakes occur in clusters of as many as 5 there, with an interval of about 300 years between quakes. The 2 most recent ones were in the years 1500 and 1700, so we may be a decade overdue for another one.

Lloyd quotes geologist Chris Goldfinger as saying, “One possibility is that we could be done with this cluster and looking at a period of many hundreds of years before the next earthquake. The other distinct possibility is we could still be in a cluster of events. If that’s the case, the average time interval between earthquakes within a cluster is already up. We would be due just about any day.”

UPDATE: click here to read California earthquake warning from Sen. Barbara Boxer.

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