In Obama’s State of the Union speech – In January of 2008, we wrote about George Bush’s upcoming State of the Union speech that a certified movement analyst would be watching it in a special way. A researcher gave us the following tips for figuring out what was REALLY going on in Bush’s mind, and we can use these for Obama’s State of the Union speech as well.

Especially when he talks about jobs: Notice if he looks UP and to the LEFT when he says something, since this will indicate he is telling a lie. Remember, when we watch him on TV, where he is facing us, HIS left will be the RIGHT side of our screen.

In our earlier story, Karen Kohn Bradley had these tips for us: “Watch for hypervigilance in the eyes, excessive grimaces, the furrowed brow that contrasts with the attempted smile, the lip-licking that signifies nervousness, the auditory attending versus an overly relaxed unfolding of stories. Also, be aware of his phrasing. Does he breathe at the appropriate points within the flow of the words or is the language broken up in choppy and strange ways? If it is the latter, it is possible he memorized or is being fed the speech in segments that do not require him to actually understand what he is saying.” When he leaves, a hasty retreat will tell us how anxious he is to get away from what is a tense situation or a perceived disregard for what he had to say.

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