Now that we’ve discovered what is causing all that prostate cancer, can we do something about the plastic in baby bottles and water bottles?

Canada has already removed BPA from all plastics that contain food or drink (or may be used to hold them). The US has finally acted as well: we have plans to remove this dangerous chemical from baby bottles. And what are we going to do with all these unsold (and unsalable) bottles??we’re going to ship them to the UK and sell them there! This is reminiscent of the days when we discouraged breast feeding in Africa by selling mother cheap baby formula, which they then found out, after their breasts had dried up, was not nutritious enough to nourish their babies.

In BBC News, Keith Doyle quotes children’s activist Belinda Phipps as saying, “It’s time the companies in the UK followed suit with what the companies in America and Canada are doing. We shouldn’t have bottles on the market that leach BPA. Parents would like to choose not have BPA in their babies’ feeds and they don’t find that choice easy right now.”

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