The evidence is on the ocean floor – Asteroid impacts, like the one that did in the dinosaurs, are not as rare as we’d like to think they are. 70% of the earth is covered in water, so most asteroids land in the ocean. A researcher who searched for underwater impact craters and found an ominous number of them?several of them very recent, in geologic terms. And a huge meteorite found in Australia 40 years ago has been reanalyzed and now scientists think it may have brought life, in the form of bacteria, to this planet (Australia DOES have some of the world’s oldest?and most unique?life forms).

Since most space rocks land in the ocean, the place to look for evidence of impacts from space is?in the ocean. Based on impact craters found on land, astronomers assumed that these events are rare, but geophysicist Dallas Abbot realized there might be evidence of many more impacts on the ocean floor. She looked for them?and FOUND THEM.

In Atlantic Monthly, Gregg Easterbrook quotes Abbot as saying, “The NASA people don’t want to believe me. They won’t even listen.”

Meanwhile, scientists taking another look at that Australian meteorite have found two of the basic components of human DNA. quotes researcher Zita Martins as saying, “We know that meteorites very similar to the Murchison meteorite, which is the one we analyzed, were delivering the building blocks of life to Earth 3.8 to 4.5 billion years ago.” The meteorite also contains a special form of carbon called carbon 13, which could only have come from space and could not have been picked up by the meteorite upon impact with the earth.

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