100 years from now it will be gone – We reported that a tiny island nation is going under for the 3rd time, but now a much bigger country?Bangladesh?is set to drown as well, and 150 million people will lose their homes. If you live in a coastal city, Water World may be in YOUR future as well.

In the June 20th edition of the Independent, Johann Hari writes about touring the most crowded nation on earth, which will disappear under the ocean by the end of this century. He writes, “Bangladesh is a flat, low-lying land made of silt, squeezed in between the melting mountains of the Himalayas and the rising seas of the Bay of Bengal. As the world warms, the sea is swelling?and wiping Bangladesh off the map.”

Where will the people go? Refugees will probably try to move to India, which is already overcrowded and will have a hard time absorbing that many refugees. Hari quotes 32-year-old Bangladeshi novelist Tahmima Anam as saying, “All the people who strain at this country’s seams will drown with it or be blown away to distant shores?casualties and refugees by the millions.” Hari blames the West for dragging its feet on global wamring and says, “The headstone would read, Bangladesh, 1971-2071: born in blood, died in water.”

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