In 1974, a signal was detected by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The broadcast consisted of a transmission of a pictorial message, and in 2001, it was approximated in a crop circle. Another signal from the same star cluster was picked up 30 years later, in 2004. Both times, astronomers initially decided that the transmissions were of interest, then concluded that they must be meaningless, despite their seeming structure. However, artist Jonathon Keats claims that the signal is indeed a code, and that when deciphered, it becomes a work of art. The painting he has made from the signal is being exhibited at the Magnes Museum in Berkeley for six months. The show opened on July 30. Conceptual artist Keats says, “If I were an extraterrestrial trying to communicate with beings elsewhere in the universe, I certainly wouldn’t transmit something they already knew. I’d try to express something about myself, as profound as possible, in the most universal language I could imagine: I’d send art.”

The Magnes Museum is at 2911 Russell Street in Berkeley, California. Its phone number is 510-549-6950. To see an image of the art work, click here.

Art credit: OUR website artist, Dana Augustine

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