Lately we’ve been reporting on a Stonehenge that has been discovered in Brazil. Perhaps the imminent destruction of the Amazon rainforest in that country is leading us to discover these mysterious structures. Now another Stonehenge has been discovered, this time in France.

John Lichfield writes in the Independent that construction workers were clearing land in Brittany when they came upon a huge piece of granite. The foreman knew that Brittany contains many prehistoric monoliths and thought he might have unearthed one of them, so he stopped any more building until the situation could be checked out by one of France?s top archeologists, Jean-Paul Demoule, who called the discovery “a miracle.” He says, “It is a great paradox. Precisely because it was [being] destroyed, it has been preserved: like the wreck of an ancient ship beneath the ocean.”

The area, known as Kerdruelland, is now part of suburbia. Archeologists think that the monument they have unearthed was constructed around 4,000 years ago, in a horseshoe shape, rather than the circle shape of the UK Stonehenge. Other large standing stones in the area are thought to have been erected around 1,000 years before the Kerdruelland “Stonehenge.” This newly-discovered monument, unlike most of the others that have been discovered, is almost entirely intact, probably because it was buried for so long. This means that it will be able to give scientists information about how these incredible structures were built.

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