UPDATE:2/12/23 4:00PM PT CHINA REPORTS CYLINDRICAL OBJECT: According to Chinese State Media Global Times, citing local authorities, an object has been detected near Rizhao on the Yellow Sea and the military is preparing to shoot it down.

An insight article has been posted on Uknowncountry exploring the possibility that three more objects that have been sot down following the February 4 destruction of a Chinese spy balloon could be of extraterrestrial origin. The three objects shot down so far have all been motionless or slow moving, unlike what is typically seen in UAP of unknown origin. While such UAP are sometimes seen to be slow-moving close to the ground, or even stationary for brief periods, they are not often observed to be stationary and rarely, if ever, to be moving in wind drift at high altitude. An exception to this was the Camarillo, California UFO which appeared stationary in the sky over that community for six years running during the 1990s and into the early 2000s. However, pilots also reported that one of the objects interfered with their onboard sensors and seemed to possess no propulsion system.

The Biden Administration has made a statement that the objects shot down over Alaska and Canada are not thought to be extraterrestrial in origin. To find out more, click here to read our new Insight article. Includes an excerpt from Whitley Strieber’s forthcoming book “Them.”

To read a list of high altitude events in 2023, click here.

A comment from Whitley Strieber: If this is an action taken by our visitors, they are assessing our reactions. If so, then objects will also appear over Russia if they are not already doing so. Many years ago, I understood that conditions under which they might act would be the immediate danger of nuclear war and/or environmental collapse. Both things seem closer than ever at this time. If this is them and they are acting, then there will be more focused and concrete developments over whatever timeline they have chosen.

On balance, though, if I had to bet, I’d say that the following scenario explains what’s happening:

1. The US developed a technology that would seek and find slow moving airborne objects and deployed it.

2. The Chinese were surprised when we were able to detect and shoot down one of the balloons they had been sending over our country for years.

3. Now that the Chinese knew we had this capability, there was no reason to keep it under wraps and we began to use it to shoot down low-powered slow moving dirigibles that run for long durations on a combination of batteries and solar power, and contain miniaturized electronic sensors and possibly optics.

4. The one that interfered with jet sensors was equipped with countermeasures that would steer it away from civilian aircraft and the emanations from this system was what the military jet, with its much more complex signalling profile, detected.

5. By claiming that they have detected a device and are planning to shoot it down, the Chinese are trying to make it appear as if they possess the same technology, as they may.

And then again, if it is the visitors it won’t surprise me. I learned long ago never to second-guess that remarkable, complex and secretive presence.

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  1. I personally feel that many of these are quite legitimately not made by humans and it does not surprise me that our warring race chooses violence. It disgusts me how our species acts and treats this planet.

    These activities are not new but the public disclosure of shooting them down is. Most humans seem to care more about sportsball than what imho is absolutely the biggest and most important news that is possible.

    I don’t like politics but am watching things like a hawk and am quite enraged that our way of welcoming things as a species is to destroy. I’ve had way too many encounters with way too many witnesses without negative outcomes (save one) to feel that this is the way.

    1. I don’t have an opinion yet of the origins of these recent events, but the instant reporting of them being shot down is so disturbing.

      1. I totally agree and am seeing a lot of deliberate baiting and revisionism in the legacy media (MSM). You are so right about the shooting down being disturbing to say the least.

  2. “The Biden Administration has made a statement that the objects shot down over Alaska and Canada are not thought to be extraterrestrial in origin.”

    A recent BBC Article seems to contradict that…


    A military commander said it could be a “gaseous type of balloon” or “some type of a propulsion system”

    ….He added he could not rule out that the objects were extra-terrestrials.

    The latest object – shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan near the Canadian border – has been described by defence officials as an unmanned “octagonal structure” with strings attached to it.

    US Northern Command Commander General Glen VanHerck said that there was no indication of any threat.

    “I’m not going to categorise them as balloons. We’re calling them objects for a reason,” he said.

    “What we are seeing is very, very small objects that produce a very, very low radar cross-section,” he added.

    Speculation as to what the objects may be has intensified in recent days.

    “I will let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out,” Gen VanHerck said when asked if it was possible the objects are aliens or extra-terrestrials.

    “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.”

  3. The speed that these events are being reported is so weird to me. I find it weird no matter what the objects are. It took years before the tic tac incident was released. Now these UFOs are being reported within hours. As far as I know there is no undeniable public demand in the form of eye witnesses and video forcing a response. To me these events can easily be ignored for a long time, if not entirely as they usually are. What changed suddenly?

    1. Joe I agree regarding the speed that we’re hearing these reports. It’s sudden and difficult to determine what is embellishment. Has this presented itself an opportunity to distract the public from other things less shiny and chaotic?

      If any is visitor-related. It seems as though they have the capacity to not being shot down. They seem to have the capacity to detect intent (ie the planning, preparations,etc to take down whatever might be theirs).

      1. It’s odd for sure but disclosure has been happening with reports from the powers that be and nobody seemed to care, at least not enough to really matter on a meta level.
        These ‘things’ are so routinely seen by individuals in the armed forces (namely Naval and Air Force), that this is quite deliberate.

        This is just my take but perhaps some are just basically Kamikaze typed, volunteer martyred or a few were taken out to screw with people. Although none of us can say with certainty what all is going on it is at least basically forcing discourse.

        I totally agree with you that ‘they’ are very advanced to not be taken out by a bunch of bumbling humans. Your last paragraph is spot-on imho.

  4. I read this yesterday and am wondering if this report could be accurate?

    “Pilots gave differing reports on what they experienced and observed, according to a report by CNN. Some pilots said the object interfered with their sensors. Other pilots said they observed no identifiable propulsion and couldn’t explain how the object was staying in the air.”

    Pilots Who Shot Down Object Over Alaska Say It ‘Interfered with Sensors’ – Saw No Identifiable Propulsion – Survival Magazine & News – Bushcraft Prepper Offgrid SHTF Blog & Conservative News


    1. Bear in mind that balloons never have a visible method of propulsion to begin with, although I’m curious as to what the source means by “cruising”; was airliner-cruising, or weather balloon-cruising? Context is paramount…


      Although the history of UFOs is rife with instances of electronic interference, “interfered with their sensors” is a broad statement that could just mean that the object was equipped with a radar jammer, and if the device was directional it would account for not all of the planes being affected.

  5. To Joe K.: the change is most likely due to the uproar over the Chinese balloon.

  6. Radar has always had the ability to spot and track slow-moving and stationary objects; however, the computers in air traffic control systems are designed to filter signals from such objects out, so that the operators can focus on the movement of aircraft, a feature that may have kept the object that hovered over Chicago’s O’Hare Airport from showing up on ATC’s scopes.

    Having said that, depending on what these “objects” are made of (one official source that I’ve run across is currently reluctant to call them balloons until more is known about them), they may have a very small radar signature, making them difficult to spot and track.

    1. The American media is in league with the elite and to escalate the actual threat of “these objects” to further enrich Raytheon, Blackrock, Lockheed-Martin etc…

      We are in such a time of income inequality and suffering and yet the pushed narrative is a twist on the first paragraph you said because in a lot of ways if we’re all looking up we aren’t looking down and around. These things have been showing up for decades so odd timing and very well said.

      It is still repellent to me that our species insists on destruction and beating war drums on objects that have been around for a very long time and can just blink out with ease. On that note, it’s an interesting point that the pilots made a point of saying they were unmanned. I hope the visitors do come out en masse and put a lot of the puppet string pullers in their place.
      ….am just hoping the visitors would never say, “Take us to your leader.” lol, I think they’d be smarter than that

  7. Hmm, this whole story has two areas of manifest concern from my point of view.

    Firstly that it is a distraction to shift attention away from the recent revelations about US involvement with the Nordstream pipeline damage.

    Secondly that these balloons may very well be ideal for intelligence gathering or small EMP delivery vehicles.

    1. Another concern, regarding the octagonal structure with strings hanging off it…there was apparently no payload attached…so where did it go?

      Where was the payload dropped?

      1. It would seem the war drums are indeed being drummed upon unfortunately and we are pawns in a game we can’t really control much of.
        disclosure: I have family in some of this and am leaving it at that. The Visitors have been known to go over Nuke sites and fiddle with the controls and where are the pictures of the other ‘things’ they shot down? It’s just the one pic of the balloon over and over and over.

        Thank You All for sharing links, it makes me feel less alone and hope everyone on here is doing well. Sending love and hope the bad guys don’t win and also am shocked that the MSM keeps changing the narrative and saying “we don’t want panic” when nobody is panicking .

  8. My immediate thought when this spate of shootings-down started was that these UAPs couldn’t be the Visitors, as They wouldn’t have been likely to let us shoot them down.

    1. So, what about Roswell? Some have suggested they let us shoot them down, like some kind of give-away… a sacrifice even.

      1. Yeah for sure Sherbet! All the way back to the ancient times of February 14th (comment under Kat who has a cat as the thumbnail,cute!)….I said that exact same thing, they do some sort of martyrdom maybe knowing things we don’t and perhaps giving us yet more technology. (not sure if that is a good or bad thing depending on how it is used but it would be nice if Skunk Works had some opinions on that)

        I’m in your and that camp (about Roswell and now), that they let us shoot them down. Too many pilots say “near misses” and then they just poooof in a split second. Here’s yet more not far out there stuff. What if the bodies captured/recovered are Kamikaze types who are donated or donated themselves to us? Sacrifices anybody?

        *I’m aware this is a long reply but has anyone found any pictures of the other downed UFO’s besides the balloon one that was used over and over?

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