Michael Glickman will tell us the latest news about crop circles on Dreamland June 1st. He writes in swirlednews.com about the assertion, by crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, that 80% of crop circles are made by human beings?despite the fact that no one ever catches them doing it. It?s known that some of the circles are made by hoaxers, but these can be spotted because they?re simple and uneven. They also don?t pass testing by Dr. Leavengood, who has found that ?authentic? circles have the plant stems bent, not broken, by some sort of high-energy heat (like a laser) and that molecular changes have taken place in the plants and seeds.

Glickman, who has lived for years in the region of the U.K. near Stonehenge and Silbury Hill, where the most intricate crop circles can be seen, believes that the Doug and Dave disinformation, when a couple of U.K. artists claimed to have made the circles, had 2 major results. ?First, it circulated the ridiculous and still unsupported idea that these two old scoundrels had been responsible for the crop circle phenomenon, by implication, in its entirety. Secondly, and wickedly, it humiliated the two leading researchers, Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, who had, with great personal courage and sacrifice, dedicated themselves to research, writing and lecturing on the subject. Delgado, wounded, retired from the scene.?

Glickman believes that Colin Andrews, who dedicated his life and reputation to finding out the truth about the circles, was hurt the most and notes that, ?in conversation and in interviews, he constantly reiterates the phrase ?We must be careful??. [Andrews] launched a massive and comprehensive media campaign suggesting that 80% of formations were man-made..The 80% assertion remains substantially unchecked and unchallenged and yet still is believed and promoted by many senior figures in the crop circle world?He said that 80% of crop circles were man-made. The evidence for this (characterized as comprehensive and irrefutable) would soon be available.? But no one in the crop circle community has ever seen this evidence.

Glickman goes on to say, ?I am, like him, a crop circle investigator. For some years now, I have worked to catalogue hoaxed formations and it is my opinion that a small amount are man-made. I believe this level has increased over the last couple of years, but I would contend that it is not very high.?

On Coast to Coast am with Art Bell, Richard Hoagland said, ?? There is a gross misunderstanding of what Colin said. He has never, ever said that 80% of all the crop circles that have ever been made are made by human beings doing it with boards and chains?They took out of context what he said, specifically referring to commercialization: Companies formed in England hired by TV documentary people and commercial people and advertisement people to make crop circles for Coors and all kinds of other people?And those are the ones he was referring to.?

Later on, Art Bell asked Colin Andrews directly about his statement. Andrews replied, ??I thank you for the opportunity to state it clearly and perhaps a little bit more concisely [that] approximately 80% of the formations that I investigated in England and only England during the year 1999 and the year 2000 had all the hallmarks of a human hand. A great deal of evidence certainly satisfied me, much of it actually on film. We had private detectives, agencies looking at people that we had suspected of making them. But that was only, as I say, during that two-year period. It left just under a quarter?completely inexplicable during that two year period?[I ] realize there?s something extremely profound occurring on our planet and?it?s been the story of the last three decades that nobody?s been listening to, and it?s still with us?.?

He also said, ?? Let?s not overlook those two major movies that are coming up, someone, somewhere has decided that whatever the core reason for the crop circle phenomenon is, they?re going to use it for their own agenda.? He was probably referring to the upcoming movie ?Signs,? starring Mel Gibson. Note: See news story, ?Sneak Preview of Crop Circle Movie?,click here.

Glickman?s conclusion? Andrews has not given us any evidence to prove that 80% of the crop circles in any year have been manmade. No one has ever figured out how humans could have made them, especially in the short time in which some of them have been created. There have been instances where a pilot flew over an undisturbed field, then flew back over it a few minutes later and saw that an intricate circle was now there.

If people are behind the circles, they are extraordinary human beings. Finding human crop circle makers would be almost as amazing as finding evidence they?re being made by aliens from another planet. These people would have to be incredibly organized and fast and also incredibly well educated in mathematics, music and sacred geometry. They would need efficient tools that they invented or appropriated with which to make the circles. Since it?s too much work for one person?or even for a small group?a large number of people would have to be capable of maintaining a high level of secrecy over many years. And human manufacture does not explain the sightings of balls of light in fields immediately before the circles appear. These have been seen by reputable researchers such as Linda Howe, who reports about her experiences in ?Mysterious Lights & Crop Circles?,click here.

Michael Glickman says that he is not so much interested in who is behind the circles (since this is impossible to figure out) as in what they are trying to tell us. In order to interpret this, he analyzes the circles using the principles of sacred geometry. To hear his latest conclusions, listen to Dreamland on June 1st.

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