Von Braschler will be on Dreamland June 1st to tell us how time can be slowed down and even ?frozen? and how athletes, healers and remote viewers have learned how to manipulate time.

According to fundamental laws of physics, time is the 4th dimension. Our minds perceive time as an moving in one direction, from past to future, but this is not necessarily true. Mark K. Anderson reports in wired.com that 50 scientists met in Slovakia for a four-day workshop to explore this issue.

Metod Saniga of the Slovak Academy of Sciences combines mathematical models and pathology reports of schizophrenic, drug-induced and other abnormal perceptions of time. Studying patients with a disjointed sense of time can reveal how it really works.

Saniga discovered the brain is hard-wired to perceive space and time as interconnected. “Pathology in time is always accompanied with a pathology of space, in a sense that space either loses dimensions or acquires other dimensions,” he says. “When time seems to stop, people often feel as if space becomes two-dimensional. On the other hand, when the subject feels they perceive the past, present and future (all at once), they simultaneously have the impression that space has infinite dimensions.” He describes this as a “pure present” experience. The present is indefinitely frozen, or else the present seems to encompass both past and future events as well.

He finds that near-death experiences are relevant to his work, because for the brief moment of near-death, time loses its meaning. “A great fraction describes their feelings as beyond any concept of time and space,” he says. This is similar to the experience of pure awareness that some people feel when meditating. “What is shocking for them is what they believed before to be absolute — three-dimensional space and time flowing at a constant rate — all of a sudden, this belief is shaken,” he says.

But incorporating these experiences into a mathematical model isn?t easy. Mathematics professor Jonathan D.H. Smith of Iowa State University has been working on it, so far unsuccessfully. Not everyone believes it can be done. Stuart Hameroff of the University of Arizona says, “I’m skeptical at the moment — but I’m willing to be convinced.”

Dick Bierman of the University of Amsterdam presented studies of emotional responses to shocking or erotic imagery that occur seconds BEFORE the subject sees the randomly timed stimulus. Bierman found the conductivity of his subjects? skin changes one or more seconds before the disturbing or sexually explicit images appear. Yet when ordinary images were randomly mixed in with the shocking ones, the subjects’ skin “presponded” differently. This may reveal some sort of ability to sense the future.

He presented new MRI imagery that confirms this result. He also found that other, independent researchers achieved the same effect in their own studies, even though they did not intend to study precognition. Bierman says scientists shouldn?t ignore such results, just because they don?t fit current models of the mind. He says, “I’m willing to explore any theoretical framework. I’m completely driven by the data.”

The National Time-Space Registry is selling time-space deeds so you can legally own time-space instances of any type prior to today’s date. For example, a person can buy the legal time-space instance deed for November 22, 1963 at 11:00 am at Dealy Plaza on the 6th floor of the Texas State Book Depository or August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan. The purchaser will have their time-space instance recorded by the National Time-Space Registry, which will issue them a deed and certificate. Ownership of the Time-Space Instance will be filed in the National Archives of the Time-Space Registry for perpetuity. The National Time-Space Registry can be visited at: http://www.timespaceregistry.org

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