Too many antibiotics are used on the farm, meaning that people who live near livestock or in livestock farming communities may be at greater risk of acquiring an antibiotic-resistant superbug. You don’t need to actually VISIT these farms or ranches: It turns out that you can BREATHE IN these dangerous germs.

Public health researcher Ellen Silbergeld says, “In the past, MRSA has been largely associated with hospitals and other health care facilities, but in the last decade the majority of infections have been acquired in the community outside of a health care setting.”

Microbiologist Jan Kluytmans says, "It is important to determine the routes of transmission outside of the farms since this may have important consequences for public health."

Public health advocate Beth Feingold says, "(New studies) challenge us to understand how these exposures could be occurring. We found that as the density of veal calves, pigs, or cattle doubles in a specific area, the odds of carrying (superbugs) increases between 24% and 77% depending on the animal."

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