The Mayans living there say it isn’t real–now Mexico’s archaeology institute is checking out that December 21st doomsday prediction. They basically deny it, but they HAVE admitted that a SECOND reference to that date has been found on a carved stone fragment at a ruined Mayan site.

Earlier, most experts knew of only one surviving reference to the date in Mayan glyphs, on a stone tablet from the Tortuguero site in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco. The second apparent reference to the date has been found at the nearby Comalcalco ruins.

Both inscriptions–the Tortuguero tablet and the Comalcalco brick–were probably carved about 1,300 years ago.

The secrets of Mayan technology are hard to figure out (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). In the Huffington Post, Mark Stevenson quotes researcher David Stuart as saying, "Some have proposed it as another reference to 2012, but I remain rather unconvinced.

"There’s no reason it couldn’t be also a date in ancient times, describing some important historical event in the Classic period. In fact, the third glyph on the brick seems to read as the verb ‘huli," (meaning) "he/she/it arrives."

No matter how much we dread it, the future always arrives (Did you know that if you subscribe for two years, you’ll get a FREE crop circle calendar?)

We don’t think 2012 has to do with an apocalypse, we think it has to do with PERSONAL change, and if you to want 2013 a year of GOOD change–for YOURSELF–try meditation.

One of the things Whitley Strieber writes about in his new book "Solving the Communion Enigma" is how meditation seems to draw the Visitors to him.

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