12 year old Jay Greenberg is believed by his teachers at NewYork’s famed Julliard School of Music to be the greatestmusical prodigy in 200 years, the equal of Mozart, who isbelieved to be the greatest musical prodigy of all time.

Composer Sam Zyman says that Jay, who prefers the nickname’Bluejay’ because he identifies with the noisy birds, cancompose a piano sonata in 25 minutes that will be one of thegreatest such compositions ever written.

Jay says that the music appears fully written in his mind,and he simply transcribes it. He has no idea where the musicis coming from.

He began playing the cello at the age of two, and startedcomposing at three. He was never instructed in theinstrument, nor, at that age, in musical composition. Hisparents are not musicially inclined, and were astonishedwhen their child turned out to be so musical.

His hearing is so sensitive that street noise must besuppressed in his home. He sometimes hears more than onecomposition at a time, and feels that he would die if hecouldn’t compose.

Could he be the reincarnation of another prodigy, perhapsMendelssohn or Mozart himself? Nobody can speculate. As faras Jay is concerned, all he cares about is the music, andgetting it down on paper.

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