Unknowncountry.com has run two stories about an unusual UFOsituation in the distant Himalayas, and our subscribers haveenjoyed an interview with Skywatch International’s JimHickman in which he states that contacts of his in India aretelling him that there is definitely something strangehappening in the region.

Now India Daily has published additional reports of moreactivity in the area. Specifically, the familiar flyingtriangles that have been reported in the US since the earlyseventies are now being reported from an area of India andChina where the two countries have most of their nuclearmissiles concentrated.

The description of the objects is familiar. They runsilently, they can move so slowly that a conventional planewould stall at such speeds, and they can suddenly dart awayat tremendous speed.

The question of whether or not such craft are spy planesbuilt by the US or another country has never been resolved,but their presence in this extremely sensitive areacertainly suggests that spying is among the tasks that theyare performing.

Such craft have been identified by some as spy planes, butothers insist that their bizarre performance, willingness tobe seen by the public, and the 35 year history of sightings,suggests that they are something very much more bizarre.

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