Brutal mutilations of pets and farm animals are being reported from many locations nationwide at the present time. In each case, the local media assumes that their problem is unique, and never looks at the bigger picture. At present, there are mutilations, mostly of pet cats, being reported from Bellingham and Spokane, Washington, and from Dallas and rural Louisiana. In the Dallas case, the mutilated remains of a rabbit and a rat were found on a playground in the suburb of Colleyville, near Euless, where brutally killed ducks were discovered two weeks ago. Police theorize that predators such as coyotes might be responsible, but local residents suspect some sort of satanic cult. In Tangiapoa, Louisiana, a horse, a dog and three cats were killed by having their throats cut, and three other animals were injured. Police do not suspect ritual killing because this is usually done in hidden places, and these killings took place during the night at the home where the animals were pets.

In Bellingham, Washington, two cats were brutally mutilated and killed, with a possible third victim under study.

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