Kirin, a Japanese beer maker, has found a 4,400-year-oldrecipe in Egyptian hieroglyphics and made authentic ancientEgyptian beer from it called Old Kingdom Beer. It’s darkbrown with no foam and has an alcohol content of 10%, whichis about double that of modern beers.

Kirin spokesman Takaomi Ishii says, “It has a taste verydifferent from today’s beer. It tastes a little like whitewine.” The beer is based on barley, but does not use hops,which give modern beer its bitter taste.

Kirin has no plans to sell Old Kingdom in restaurants orstores, and says they developed the beer only for researchpurposes. The 8 gallons they?ve brewed so far will be tastedat a conference of the Master Brewers Association of Americain Austin, Texas in October.

Evidence of beer making in Egypt dates back to the 10thcentury BC. In 1996, British beer maker Scottish & Newcastlesold a limited edition, 1,000-bottle batch brewed accordingto an ancient Egyptian recipe. A single bottle sold for $78.

To learn what life was REALLY like in ancient Egypt, read?Historical Deception? by Moustafa Gadalla,click here andscroll down.

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