Movie studios are losing billions of dollars to what they call “movie piracy.” For those of you who don’t know, this is when someone sneaks a DVD recorder into a movie theater, records the film as he watches it, then SELLS copies of the DVD afterwards! Now science may have solved this problem. reports that researchers have invented a device that disables digital cameras, so that they can’t be used in specific locations. This is similar to the cell phone blockers that are currently installed in many concert halls, so that if you forget to turn off your phone, it won?t ring during the concert. Inventor Gregory Abowd says, “We’re at a point right now where the prototype we have developed could lead to products for markets that have a small, critical area to protect.”

The photo blocker works by using sensors to scan for digital cameras. Once a camera is located, a thin beam of white light is shined on it, rendering the recording unusable.

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