Since 1833, strange orbs of light have been sighted over the Texan town of Marfa.
Numerous explanations have been put forward to explain the yellow-orange glowing luminous objects but, to date, no viable cause has been determined.

The first recorded witness, Robert Reed Ellison, saw the lights one night whilst herding cattle near Mitchell Flat. He believed that he was seeing the lights made by camp fires in Apache Indian settlements, but on further investigation, he was unable to find evidence of any fires in the area.Other settlers confirmed that they often saw the lights, and Native American people living in the area were familiar with the lights and described them as "fallen stars."
read more reader Sandy Nichols discovered aftertaking some photographs of his new house that he had anunusually convincing orb photograph.

Skeptics assume that orbs, which have been photographed moreand more frequently in recent years, but rarely withanything except digital cameras, must be distortions of somekind caused by the photographic process. Many orbs arephotographed during periods when the air is humid, andprobably are process effects.

However, this particular object appeared inside a house andhappened by coincidence to be photographed through thewindow. This means that the size of the object and itsappoximate distance from the camera lens can be determined.

This is Sandy Nichols’ description of the event:
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Greg Avery has offered us these additional images, which will be referred to during the Jan 5, 2002 Dreamland. Greg refers to the first image as the “holy grail” of orb photography because of its complex structure and shape. He feels that he can prove that this image could not be duplicated by any known means other than intentional fabrication, in other words, that this is not dust, moisture or any other known natural phenomenon.

The second image was created by 3D illustrator Jason Martineau, based on the observed structure of orbs seen in Greg’s photographs. The figures were created with Bryce 3, Photoshop and POV-ray and are believed to be accurate models of the structure of some of the actual objects.
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