Physicist Michio Kaku says he knows of nothing that makes time travel impossible and “In the laws of physics, if it’s not forbidden, it’s mandatory. This is pretty much proven every time.” And an amateur explorer says he’s discovered a portal where time is altered.

In, Alan Boyle quotes Kaku as saying, “Over the last 10 years there’s been a sea change. Ten years ago, you would be considered a lunatic if you proposed that time travel was possible?Now, the burden of proof has shifted to the cynics, who have to prove that it?s not possible.”

One time travel theory involves wormholes, which are shortcuts between two distant regions in the curved time-space of the universe. But in the past, scientists though a time machine that traveled through wormholes (if the exist) would need so much power it would instantly explode. “Since then, there have been experiments indicating that the machine does not explode,” Kaku says. But “Black holes are not preferable for time travel because they’re one-way trips. It’s like an elevator with only an ‘up’ button.”

Engineer Paul Nahin says, “The fact that you can’t change the past doesn’t mean that you can’t affect it. We know Joan of Arc died, but you could very well be the person who threw the match on the wood.”

“I tend to believe the many-worlds interpretation,” Kaku says. This means that there’s a world in which Joan of Arc died, and another in which you went back in time and saved her?in fact, there are as many universes as there are possibilities.

Ron Quinn writes in the Tucson Weekly about a secret place in the Arizona mountains he discovered in 1956, where time is altered. He says, “The reason I’m bringing this tale to light after all this time is because something is in the works might effect this interesting place. Tucson Electric Power Company plans on building a 345,000-watt high-voltage transmission line from Tucson to Nogales. The line could come quite close to this site. When this line becomes active, what, if anything, will this enormous voltage do to this delicate location? Enhance the natural energy already lurking within it, or nothing? Only time will tell.”

It started when John, a local Indian, told him about a mysterious stone archway. In the 1800s, three Indians discovered it while hunting. They started chasing each other through it, but one of them never emerged from the other side. The remaining two Indians fled. In 1948, John came upon the arch in a storm. When he looked through it, he saw a blue, cloudless sky on the other side.

Ron and his brother Chuck set off to find the arch. When they found it, they noted that it was about 7 feet high and 5 feet wide. They threw stones through it and Ron even stuck his arm through, but nothing happened.

Their friend Louie Romero was camping near the arch one night with some other cowboys when they all heard the rumbling hooves and whinnying of approaching horses?but they couldn’t see them. The sounds suddenly ended and in the morning, they could find no hoof prints. Historical figures have also been seen near the arch. Some have seen a dark-robed Jesuit priest, who became transparent, then vanished. Others have seen a troop of Spanish soldiers, who also vanished.

Ron writes, “During one of our two-week adventures, I found myself near the canyon that leads towards that oddball site. Not having been there in almost four years, I decided to pay it a visit?Below to my left was a canyon?where none had existed?I soon discovered I was in the same canyon that led toward the hill I had just scaled. I was more than 250 yards back down the canyon on a different slope and now I was facing south?I had mysteriously been transported to the new location. Thinking I was looking west, I was really looking east seeing the canyon I had just hiked.” He was afraid he might not still be living in his own time, so he was relieved when he got back to his Jeep.

People have found large numbers of geodes?a type of quartz that conducts electricity?in the vicinity of the arch. They’ve also experienced vibrations, their arm hair standing on end, and strange ear pressure when in the area, all of which could be caused by electricity. Ron writes, “Could these large geodes be the main source that activates the natural energy within the area?

“?What we have out there is a natural phenomena created accidentally by nature. It alters time, and there’s no way to predict when this might occur?On my last visit to this wondrous place, I discovered the top portion of the archway had collapsed. All that remains are the two columns. Will this damage interfere with its ability to change time?”

Amateurs and abductees keep stumbling into knowledge that the government knows about but keeps secret. Subscribers: Don’t miss Whitley’s interview with the researcher who digs these secrets out? Richard Dolan.

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