There is increasing scientific speculation that some earthquakeactivity may belinked by complex and little-understood processes,but little or no evidence that quakes in one part of theworld may result in seismic activity elsewhere.Nevertheless, since the recent 7.8 quake that devastatedSichuan Province in China, the world has experienced anexceptional number of tremors. The latest is a return ofmini-quake swarms to the Reno, Nevada area. This is thethird such swarm to unfold in the area this year.

Approximately 20 minor quakes took place just west Reno over12 hours ending about noon yesterday. The last swarm beganon February 28, and ended with a 4.7 tremor on April 25.This caused experts to warn residents of a possible largerquake, but nothing materialized. Earthquake swarms aresometimes precursors to major quakes, but the connection istoo unreliable for it to be predictive. They also indicatedeep magma movement, but there is no known magma under theReno area, unlike the extensive deposit under Yellowstone.

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