Three Cape Verde hurricanes have formed at the same time in the south central Atlantic while a fourth storm in the Pacific in threatening Hawaii with it’s second hurricane of the season. At the same time, a new tropical depression is forming south of Florida. As the oceans warm, generalized outbreaks such as this will become the new normal, and coastal areas from Florida to Newfoundland will experience high-category named storms on a regular basis. In additon, warming Pacific waters will enable storms that form off the Baja Peninsula to move up into southern California waters within a few years.

The most serious of the current storms is Florence, now at Category 4 and aiming for the Carolinas. It could roll up the coast and back out to sea, repeating the course of Superstorm Sandy, or it could break up inland amid heavy rains. At present, the storm is a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 MPH. As such, it is extremely dangerous to low lying areas along the coast, and the only safe path is evacuation. It is aiming directly at North Carolina at this time.

From Whitley Strieber: "It is agony to watch this happen and know that I correctly predicted not only the current climate situation but also the danger of superstorms nearly 20 years ago. Unfortunately, matters will continue to unfold according to those predictions. At least leading climate scientists have finally realized that the superstorm scenario is real. The present situation will not generate a superstorm, but the pieces are steadily falling into place for that to happen."

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