And more God Particles – Is the end coming soon? One reporter thinks he knows why the Mayan calendar suddenly stops in December of 2012, which some people assume indicates the end of the world. The “read-point” of the Pleiades star cluster, which many believe the calendar was based upon, can no longer be a constant as we begin to steer away from the its earlier predictable movements.

In the ViewZone website, Dan Eden quotes astronomer Martin Weinberg as saying, “We are seeing Sagittarius at the very end of its life as an intact system.”

Eden quotes astronomer Steven Majewski as saying, “[A] full-sky map of Sagittarius shows its extensive interaction with the Milky Way. Both stars and star clusters now in the outer parts of the Milky Way have been ‘stolen’ from Sagittarius as the gravitational forces of the Milky Way nibbled away at its dwarf companion. This one vivid example shows that the Milky Way grows by eating its smaller neighbors. The Milky Way probably dined on a number of dwarf galaxy snacks in the past.” However, Majewski cautions against taking these statements too literally.

Meanwhile, BBC News reports that new results from CERN indicate that there may be FIVE types of the Higgs Bosun God Particle instead of just one. Does this mean that the universe is polytheistic?

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