Documentary filmmaker James Fox went to the Gulf of Mexicoto chronicle the historic oil spill taking place there. Heexpected to see a massive cleanup effort, but was shocked todiscover that what appears to be taking place is more of acoverup than a clean-up. To listen,click here.(Due to heavy traffic, there may be a delay).

Listen to this riveting Dreamland special event as Fox andAlabama attorney Denise Beschab describe the actual lack ofcleanup activity along the coast, the possible hiding ofanimal carcasses, the careful cleaning of a beach that thepresident was shown, and the dangerous effects of the use ofdispersant instead of safe but expensive cleanupmethodologies.

To watch James Fox and Dr. Carl Safina observing the fillfrom the air,click here.

James Fox encounters a Wackenhut guard and BP’s effort tokeep things secret becomes clear.Click here to watch.

Don’t miss Jame’s extraordinary UFO documentary, I Know WhatI Saw, among the finest films on this complex and difficultsubject ever made. To get your copy and support him in hiswork, click here.

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