Two 6.1 earthquakes struck in the Pacific, one near the island of Vanuatu and the other off the coast of Japan uncomfortably near the damaged Fukushima power plant. At the same time, frantic rescue efforts have brought out a citizen army in Mexico city who are helping overstressed emergency services. Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria is causing a catastrophe on the island of Puerto Rico, where all electric power has failed and 155 MPH sustained winds are destroying infrastructure and gigantic flash floods are roaring down the mountainsides.

There are no reports as yet of damage from the Pacific quakes, but the fragile condition of the Fukushima ruin makes it vulnerable to further cracks and more radioactive leakage. 225 people are known dead in Mexico and damage to property and infrastructure is extensive. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is suffering its worst hurricane in a hundred years, and the entire island is likely to experience extensive damage. As of 8PM local time, the storm was moving offshore and beginning to turn northward.

At this time, the storm is projected to remain offshore of the US mainland.

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