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Real knowledge of the what actually happens after death is so powerful that it can trigger profound changes in body, mind and spirit. And yet it is kept from us. Julia Assante says we can explore the true focus of consciousness NOW, and empower ourselves to meet death in a much stronger way. There is convincing evidence of disincarnate existence and communication with the dead, and here she outlines just what some of that is. In an age where the false mantra that human beings are just, as the comic strip character Dilbert said, ‘moist robots’ it is essential to real maturity not just for us to reconcile ourselves with death, but to engage with the dead right now and make them part of our lives.

This is possible, and Julia points the way. Her website is

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  1. What a fantastic show – I’m
    What a fantastic show – I’m adding another book to my reading list.

    1. Awesome shows – and I loved
      Awesome shows – and I loved the idea of merging souls… Perhaps that’s how souls are able to inhabit more complex life forms… Our souls themselves evolve… Merge… What a wonderful thought… To surrender your ego identity and join with a loved one to become a new being… Perhaps one day we will all merge – and be “God” again…

  2. i agree-fantastic programme!
    i agree-fantastic programme! was so excited when i saw julia assante was being interviewed but-was worried i would start listening&hear marla frees but-thank you whitley so so much for doing this interview yourself-please please don’t delete my account for having a dissenting opinion because-i value&respect this place&all the great work being done here&dreamland is a huge part of my life&journey but-i cringe when marla’s on&feel like we ‘re being taken into sylvia browne territory

    1. In response to minmay, I have
      In response to minmay, I have to say I love hearing Marla Frees’ interviews, as well as reading her entries on her website (a couple of her entries have brought me to tears, they have resonated so deeply with me). I believe Marla is the “real deal”, whereas I’ve come to distrust Sylvia Browne’s sincerity as a true psychic. Love to you Marla, you’re “One of the Good Ones”.

  3. Speaking of a dissenting
    Speaking of a dissenting voice, Anne offered up her unique conclusions about the “visitors” and dead people that dissents wildly from knowledgeable voices. I don’t dispute dead people and their role. The South Dakota legislature once ordered the Lakota Indians to release the spirits of their ancestors. The white folks were spooked by the way the Indians communicated with the dead. The powerful Lakota shaman Wallace Black Elk knew the difference between dead people and extraterrestrials who were the ancestors from the stars. Black Elk explained to me that ancestors from Sirius came to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Then later, people from the Pleiades came too. Black Elk was well aware that the Sirians and Pleiadians were not dead. On the other hand, I do not dissent from the idea that some, possibly all, visitors who speak with Whitley are dead people. Public education is soooo interesting.

    Julia Assante is smart enough to hold her own with any interviewer. I came back today to listen again to Julia explain the way it is in the real world of pragmatic realities. Regardless of what Whitley and Anne Strieber believe, the show offers excellent guests. I continue to subscribe for that reason, and the entertainment is lucky bonus that tops off the value of excellent guests.

  4. Link to Julia’s website is
    Link to Julia’s website is broken. Should be
    The text is correct, it simply links to the wrong location.

  5. Whitley, it was great to hear
    Whitley, it was great to hear that you’re not sure on the “God” thing; I used to be intensely spiritual and believe in some sort of “All-God”…for a while now, I question it, and lean towards the idea that there is no God by the definition, at least, that we put to the concept. Granted our concepts are likely limited (or aren’t they?) but the One-Creator idea seems more trite to me than ever (45 y/o) and I do not see any real evidence of what we would think of as “God”…unless that is somehow defined as existence itself. For me personally, if there is some separate-but-not-separate “God”…he/she/it is one hell of an a**hole. Way too much suffering on this world for there to be a God by the standards I hold. Negativity and suffering are *not* ALWAYS needed for growth. I have witnessed this in my own life, whereby on-going suffering is pointless and not productive, and actually causes backward movement, if we must label it. Just IMHO.

  6. As a Tarot reader with over
    As a Tarot reader with over 10 years experience I have to say I’ve seen, and dealt with Karma and Karmic debt literally hundreds of times. I have to say I disagree with the Guests statement there is no evidence of Karma; that said wonderful show, insightful guest.

  7. I concur with Ms. Assante on
    I concur with Ms. Assante on Karma, based on my own personal experiences with ‘past life’ memories. In a sense, there is a type of karma, in that your thoughts deeds and actions ripple out to all of the other lives, and they also, likewise, ripple out and affect all of the others (This includes healing personal issues). I realize that this is a difficult concept to grasp, but it is about everything being connected. An excellent place to start is the Binary-Soul Doctrine and an excellent resource on this topic is a book by Peter Novak, ‘The Lost Secret of Death’.

    I also plan on reading ‘The Last Frontier’, mainly because I have felt a (somewhat selfish, no doubt!) need for validation for my experiences, and I feel a little less ‘out there’ after listening to this interview.

    Whitley, thank you for your frankness in addressing your own doubts about ‘God’. Like Ms. Assante, I refer to ‘All That Is’, as the idea of ‘God’ has become somewhat alien to me. No pun intended. 🙂

  8. minmay, you piqued my
    minmay, you piqued my interest. I looked up Marla Frees in the Dreamland archives and chose an episode to listen to; Friday October 26, 2012 Is Heaven Real?

    It was actually very good and I highly recommend it!

  9. I enjoy all guests and hosts
    I enjoy all guests and hosts as long as they let the interviewee speak and not interrupt. I too know Marla Frees to be the ‘real deal’ and enjoy her interviews.

  10. The attack on Marla seems so
    The attack on Marla seems so random, she had nothing to do with this interview and sadly hasn’t done anything on Dreamland for a while. Count me in as one who appreciates all the unique voices that make up this great community.

  11. I was listening to a series
    I was listening to a series of Dreamland and related mp3s and found myself listening to the “The Unexplained” ( with Howard Hughes) episode Whitley was interviewed in just before the release of “Enigma”. What a fabulous interview. I resonated with everything Whitley said in that interview. I wish more people would listen to it they might have a lot of questions answered!

    I just want to add that I always take the best from others that helps me in my life, you don’t have to take 100%

    The one thing she is incorrect in as far as my 64 years of life has shown me is that she states in the special that there is no such thing as KARMA. Sorry, my lady, I am afraid there is. She cited Ian Stevenson studies. I cite my own life experiences! I still love her book though!

  12. Interesting…more on this
    Interesting…more on this later

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