Anne Strieber, who’s had her own near death experience, discusses the fact that there is a link between the close encounter experience and the dead? Anne asks the question, "what if we knew–as the visitors seem to know–that there is a life after death?" We live in a physically obsessed society, to the extent that many of our greatest thinkers have gone ‘soul blind.’ Julia Assante says that many elements of our society are actually engaged in inducing fear of death as a way of obsessing us with clinging to life at any cost–and paying them for the privilege.
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Real knowledge of the what actually happens after death is so powerful that it can trigger profound changes in body, mind and spirit. And yet it is kept from us. Julia Assante says we can explore the true focus of consciousness NOW, and empower ourselves to meet death in a much stronger way. There is convincing evidence of disincarnate existence and communication with the dead, and here she outlines just what some of that more