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The Middle East is about to boil over. Scholar and sometime prophet John Hogue joins us to discuss the true danger of the Iran crisis. For Uknowncountry subscribers, we ask John the question: what about Gaza and the future? What happens next?

Most people in the west assume that an attack on Iran will only involve destroying the country’s nuclear weapons program. John Hogue, looking at the situation from the perspective both of a student of current affairs and a scholar of Nostradamus, suggests that much more could be at state–that, in fact, the actual world situation is very much like it was early in 1914, when nobody could imagine how a world war could start, let alone in Europe, the most advanced and civilized group of nations in the world.

Hogue sounds a clear and present warning: we need to understand the ways in which a war in the Middle East could evolve into a wider conflict, and what we need to do in our personal lives should that happen.

Normally, at this time of year, we offer a Thanksgiving special, but this year the world situation is so intense, that Whitley Strieber felt that we needed to cover this vital topic immediately.

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  1. It does feel like a massive
    It does feel like a massive war is coming. If we can’t stop it, let us try to learn from it.

  2. Do you realize with all the
    Do you realize with all the explanation, Obama was never verbally named as the best choice to keep this from turning into war.

  3. A few minutes ago DEBKAfile
    A few minutes ago DEBKAfile announced that Obama is sending US Special Forces troops intyo Sinai, where they will interdict Iranian Fajr missiles and other ordnance bound for Gaza. This will bring them into contact with Iranian forces shipping them. He is also supposed to be ready to invade Syria.

    You have to take DEBKA with a grain of salt, but they often turn out to be right in hindsight.

  4. Here’s a quote from the
    Here’s a quote from the show…

    John Hogue: I left in the book a quote: “if nothing happens in this period of time, we have to look to the middle of the NEXT decade”.
    << Taking this into account, I would like to OFFICIALLY throw my hat into the PROPHET arena. Here are my prophecies: Within the next couple of years the economy of the US will get worse... OR it will get better. IF it gets better, then we have to look to the middle of the next decade as it will get worse... or better. Also, in the near future I foresee there will be WARS (if not, then they will be in the far future). Yes, I know it's a shocker, as we humans get along so well... but wait, there's MORE. The conflict will happen most likely in the Middle East - surprising everyone... by "everyone" I mean all people that do not have a TV, radio, internet or haven't read a paper in 12 years. As a New Age prophet I have a duty of informing my listeners that IF some of my predictions do NOT come true, it's not because I am wrong. It is rather because what I am seeing is only a POSSIBLE future, among other possible futures. Either that, or the future can be changed, therefore making my predictions indispensable to living your daily life. I believe that if you disregard my prophecies that do not materialize and look ONLY at the ones that come true (based on the principle stated above), you will see that I have a 100% Success Rate. I am also working on bettering my prophecies by making them more intelligible and non-ambiguous. I find that if you tell people something like: "Obama bin Laden will be killed on May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad Pakistan", they will NOT understand what I mean... Therefore I am thinking of presenting such prophecies in a form that is EASIER for people to clearly understand... like: When the Pie in the Sky At 2'oclock High is Nigh It's time to Die Bearded-man will Cry That is All - Thank you for your kind attention - We now resume our current Programming 😉

  5. Let’s hope for the best and
    Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  6. Having listened to the guy
    Having listened to the guy over a period of years, I am not so cynical about his “if not in this time frame then in that” statements. He uses a combination of Nostradamus, his own “seeing”, mundane observation, and astrology to come to his predictions, which have been consistently fluid this way time-wise, and it is usually the astrological considerations which drive that. Now you can say astrology is crap (or Nostradamus or whatever, for that matter), as many people will, as I would have done in the past. It’s an opinion which should get its airtime with everything else. (I’ve personally come around to some of it for a number of reasons I won’t get into here.) But there is a method to his madness when he says those things which goes beyond New Age tomfoolery and con artistry.

  7. Von Hausenberg wrote :

    Von Hausenberg wrote :

    “I personally have no problem at all with any coming war…
    War has more than one face, like Janus, to be fair, so let’s look ahead to the future of civilization one hundred years from now”.

    Have you ever been in a war you moron? Where is the benevolent face of war? Did you cry when Bambi’s mother died… yet, you welcome a war with a level of human suffering and of a magnitude unseen by human eyes???


    Read the original source:

  8. My ‘oracle’ says keep your
    My ‘oracle’ says keep your eyes on Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood may have overplayed their hand. So much for democracy and the first ‘freely elected’ president of Egypt—he even has some Muslims upset with his recent edicts. Religion and true democracy simply cannot co-exist.

    It’s dictator musical chairs over there…

    Also, I think Americans would do well to look at what’s going on in Europe. They are having the same problems with immigration that we have over here. We have a world bursting at the seams in terms of population, and nowhere to go. If you get past religion, hate, economics, and politics, it comes down to a world with too many people and too many haves and have-nots. There is pure bitterness and resentment on such a scale as the world has never seen, coupled with much higher numbers of people…

    …While Americans camp out at big box stores for days on end so that they can get a deal on the latest TV in order to watch reality shows while the true reality crashes down around them while their eyes are glued to the antics of ‘Honey Boo-Boo’.

    The world is one crazy place. You don’t have to listen to John Hogue and his oracle to see that. Does it really matter where the next big war begins?

  9. The actual tumult of war
    The actual tumult of war aside, one ponderance that I frequently enjoy, is what transformative reformation will islam experience as a result of a catastrophic war throughout the middle east and beyond.?

    Will muslims be allowed to continue living in Europe, the British Commonwealth countries or America, for example.? For, natürlich, almost everyone living in those countries may have suffered some kind of loss, through the coming war. The current tolerance of muslims may not continue.

    Factor in a false flag nuclear event on American or European soil, blamed on muslims and I see the possibility of forced exodus as a distinct reality. Politically, it would be an irresistable magical talisman that no psychopath Western Power Broker could afford to ignore. Picture ‘mission accomplished’ on steroids and crystal meth.

    I simply cannot see how islam can continue in its current hate filled xenophobic state. To my mind, it is certain that it will moderate and become more like the mild mannered moderate islam practiced in the Balkan states, that I personally have no problem with at all.

    A pan-islamic war would almost certainly be the catalyst for this transformation. The weary are often the keenest to adopt new ideas.

    War has more than one face, like Janus, to be fair, so let’s look ahead to the future of civilisation one hundred years from now.

    One can be as anti-war and liberal as one wishes, but war IS coming, like an express train making full steam, make no mistake. Before us lies an evolutionary step that, if we fail to take it, may be the undoing of our entire civilisation.

  10. Pleased to meet you….

    Pleased to meet you….

    …. — .–. . / -.– — ..- / –. ..- . … … / — -.– / -. .- — .

    .— ..- … – / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. / — . / .-.. ..- -.-. .. ..-. . .-.

  11. War rarely works except when
    War rarely works except when it is a desperate necessity. Most war is far more destructive than productive. If you look back across history, WWII is the only modern conflict that was essential and helpful. But it was also the most bloody and horrific of all human conflicts, by a very long way.

    It could be said that the the first gulf war was necessary. But if so, why did we encourage Saddam to attack Kuwait in the first place?? What were we really playing at.

    As far as John Hogue is concerned, please look at his long and successful record before dumping on him, based on the narrow assumption that, of course, there can be no such thing as prophecy.

    And EdinWAState, I would suggest that you refrain from the use of terms like “you moron” if you expect to remain welcome around here. Attack the post if you don’t like it, but not the poster. We don’t tolerate trollish behavior.

  12. @ScorpH –
    First, let me

    @ScorpH –

    First, let me start by saying that I’m an ESP believer and I follow the work of such people as Hameroff and Penrose, which aims to connect consciousness to the quantum field in a scientific manner.

    But WHY bring the mystical aspect into the equation only to come up with predictions that any Geo-political expert can come up with?

    All I see from the “prophecy” arena is just Captain Hindsight rhetoric. For all the prophets out there I have still to know of one of them that stood at 8am on Sept 11 2001 in front of the twin towers with a banner reading “Don’t Enter These Buildings Or You Will Die”… I think you get my gist.

    Yes, there are a lot of obscure quotes and writings that if you ‘squint and tilt you head just right’ you might interpret them as actually forecasting something concrete that COULD NOT have been forecasted using regular reasoning and available knowledge.

    But even then the problem is that it comes with 99% of other junk that wasn’t even CLOSE to the mark. In other words: If you thrown enough darts you’re bound to hit the bulls-eye now and then.

    I consider myself pretty open minded (I’m on this site, am I not?) and I do respect anybody that has a different opinion, but I cannot buy into this prophecy aspect when things just don’t add up. I call it “prophecy” to differentiate it from regular forecasting and predictions that do NOT use mystical sources.

    Even IF Nostradamus actually saw the future, the way he foretold it makes it absolutely useless for us. So far I know of no usable information, EXCEPT for being Captain Hindsight and looking back and saying: “AHA, I knew it all along.”

    But then again, you could make anything fit ambiguous wording.

    Just look at Jules Verne for a modern prophet without all the mystical aspects.

    PS: Anybody remember around 2002/2005 how many New Age prophets said that Mabus was probably somehow Saddam – after all Saddam spelled backwards is Maddas + take out the double “D” for the phonetic English translation and you have Madas vs Mabus?… or maybe Bin Laden?

    There were shows running continuously on the History Channel filled with ‘high ranking’ doomsday prophets saying this.

    How did that pan out? (John Hogue & others at the time about Mabus – circa 2001 according to site)

    @ Von Hausenberg – Is that the Morse code or what? 🙂

    @ Cosmic Librarian – “The world is one crazy place. You don’t have to listen to John Hogue and his oracle to see that. Does it really matter where the next big war begins?” – SPOT ON 🙂 I agree 100%

  13. Pax Romana:
    I opposed this

    Pax Romana:

    I opposed this extended principle, once, as a naive, younger man, but no more. Pax Romana could be a wonderful bird, born of flame and nesting in an Acacia citadel.

  14. El Gringo, yes, Morse code,
    El Gringo, yes, Morse code, just a bit of fun. I enjoyed your post by the way.

    Mr Hogue, to my mind, seems as close as anyone to unravelling prophecies and he wisely avoids specific dates, which is almost impossible to get right.

    Cosmic is correct about war. It’ll always come round again, no matter where.

    It’s also worth considering that this elastic reality, this world we inhabit, has a knack of viewing us as spoiled children and as with such brats, we often benefit from a little pressure being put on us. Spare the rod, etc.

    Luciferian approaches to personal evolution aren’t that far removed from some of the suggestions I have heard discussed on this website over the years.

    Maybe the face of evolution is not beautiful at all, but rather bears a rugged elegance that is both an acquired appreciation and, perhaps most importantly, also best perceived through retrospect.

  15. A question…..Has anyone had
    A question…..Has anyone had any significant dreams concerning something happening to our planet? If so, it would be GREAT to read them. Right after 911 I was subscribed to….. (H. Roberta Ossana Publisher & Editor) and they did an issue regarding dreams before and after the events of 911. I believe there were other dream organizations doing the same thing. Do not be concerned if your dream happened a few nights ago or years ago, in dreamtime time does not exist.

  16. @ Von Hausenberg
    You may very

    @ Von Hausenberg

    You may very well have a point in what you say although most will find it uncomfortable to talk about it.

    I think war is the worst plague to have affected humanity. Having said this though, one can’t help notice in the nature around us great violence. Predator-Prey relationships in the animal kingdom, the birthing, death and cannibalization of stars and galaxies in our universe. Even Mother Earth goes through very violent spells, and that’s before any of us humans started messing around with the environment.

    Were you referring to what Whitley calls ‘evolutionary pressure’ or something to that extent? I also happen to agree with that theory.

    The only thing I’d like to add is that in my opinion, this ‘pressure’ that seems to always be needed in order to make a leap could be added WITHOUT wars and violence. I believe that we can learn how to evolve without always needing a motivational pitchfork stuck in our back. Or at the very least making that pitchfork an intellectual argument rather than the death or suffering of people.

    On a side-note – I learned Morse code when I was a kid 🙂 but I had to brush up a bit to read your message

  17. Just to veer slightly —
    Just to veer slightly — seems John Hogue’s doing annual predictions on Coast this year, so he won’t be on UC? I don’t understand how one relates to the other; I abandoned Coast this past yr b/c the content didn’t interest me anymore. I really look forward to this annual interview. If anyone agrees with me, will you let Whitley and Anne know? I did.

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