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Friday January 23, 2015

Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift

Earth's magnetic pole is shifting much faster than predicted. Could this be the reason for unusual earthquake clusters and unexplained booms? Linda Moulton Howe reports. 1st of a 2 part series.

Earthquakes are being recorded in eastern Connecticut for the first time in 300 years, in an area far from any fracking activity. Unexplained booms are taking place in many areas of the US. The magnetic field is in an unexpected state of flux. So, what's happening and what should we expect?

This is the first of a two week series with Linda Moulton Howe. PLUS, for subscribers, Whitley Strieber updates us on climate change in his 2015 'State of the Climate' report.

LInda Moulton Howe's website is Earthfiles.com.

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Whitley Strieber Reveals a Climate Shocker

From the time Whitley Strieber and Art Bell published Superstorm until now, Unknowncountry has been one of the few places in the world where accurate information about what is actually happening to Earth's climate has been available. Now, in his most forward-looking and powerful analysis ever, he predicts some likely events for 2015 and beyond that are likely to happen but being completely ignored by the media.

There are some serious perils involved, and it is absolutely essential that they be understood by everybody who is concerned about this problem. This statement is essential listening.

In two weeks, Whitley will read the first chapter of his forthcoming book, Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained that he is co-authoring with Jeffry Kripal, which is being called "the most important book on the paranormal since Charles Fort's Book of the Damned in 1919."

Super Natural is scheduled to be published by Tarcher/Penguin in February of 2016. Don't miss this exciting early preview of a very important book.

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(This comment belongs with the Dreamland Episode w/Whitley and Linda Moulton-Howe posted Jan 23, 2014.) For some background info on this topic, check out this video (if you haven't seen it already). While I disagree w/scientists on the source of the magnetic field and a fair number of other issues surrounding the impending Magnetic Reversal -- this is still a very good video. Lots of interesting facts from which one can move on to further inquiry and form one's own conclusions. I agree w/Whitley -- this change is going to happen sooner rather than later.


ps. Its not a coincidence that we, particularly in the US, are so dependent upon technology. Who do you think will have the best chance for survival? More primitive peoples who know how to survive on less or "highly civilized peoples" dependent upon technology? Not to mention corporations like Monsanto and agro-business farms ruining our soil, depleting our world of natural seed, and mining companies damaging our rivers and watersheds . . . Then there is the so-called "conservative" right hell-bent on taking our individual freedoms and choices away . . . (except for the right for individuals to amass highly lethal weaponry).

If there ever was a time to learn, understand, and apply quantum mechanics in our own lives (mind over matter) in an effort to reject the distorted world thrust upon us by those whose seek to manipulate both humanity and the world/s -- this wld be the time. Be the change. Face the truth. Do not run and hide from it or try to change what the earth, the solar system, and the cosmos is going thru. God knows best. Continue to do what mankind does best -- survive (not at all costs but thru common sense and community).

Yep the changing magnetic field is behind it all but what can anybody really do about it? Its something that can't be stopped and these changes touch so many other things that its hard to see what the will be effected and it what manner it will be changed because everything is so interrelated and connected on our planet. Maybe this caused the sudden drop in temperature in the past but its hard to tell. What happens at the point of magnetic reversal? Do you think they haven't looked at it? When openings occur between worlds there are magnetic anomalies and quick temperature drops before things stabilize again. I think this stabilization occurs because this is how the laws of thermodynamics and entropy work in our closed space. There are so many things changing magnetic fields can effect and one is an organic beings biofield. This is one reason why some contactees experience physical changes in another beings presence the energetic exchanges that occur can make somebody grow taller and such. I believe our magnetic fields acts as a containment field to protect us from outside energies that might harm us.

Whitley, I did read Critical Mass. It's the most terrifying book I've ever read, and I'm a Steven King fan. It's hard to believe that it didn't have a huge impact. (Not a pun.)

Remember a few years ago when there seemed to be no shortage of bird flocks mysteriously dropping out of the sky? What happened to with that? Does it still happen? Did it stop? Was it related to the fluctuating magnetic field?

...And let's not forget an airliner that mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March 2014, where the magnetic field was shown to be strengthening between January and June of the same year. Note the area of the Indian Ocean (large red area on the global map at link below), then go back and look at maps showing the supposed flight path of MH370 over the Indian Ocean, and also look at maps showing ground zero of the massive earthquake that created the tsunami in 2006, and also check out maps of the earth's plate tectonics. So many things appear to be connected, at least to me.


Although it may be abhorrent to the surface population, if It's a matter of survival, then the scenario for the movie, Soylent Green, becomes, 'sensible', all of a sudden.

Now let me get this straight. If we are going thru a pole shift that would mean north will be south and south will be north, right? So will the planet flip over? The United States will be sitting on it's head so-to-speak? The US and Canada and all of the northern hemisphere land masses would be pointing to the south? Or will it be just a shift of the directional poles? Because if all of this happens wouldn't it be catastrophic to all life on this planet? And if this is eminent wouldn't all of the world's leaders be aware this was going happen?

What most people are usually referring to these dayz when they talk about a pole flip is a magnetic pole flip. The north pole (now the negative end of the [magnet] will become positive and the south pole will become negative. In order for this to happen, it is theorized that the magnetic field will go down completely just prior to the flip. It is weakening rapidly right now. A loss of the magnetic field has all kinds of consequences, some of which are being discussed here and in scientific circles. As mentioned above -- animals who use the magnetic field to navigate are effected. As also mentioned above and elsewhere -- since we are protected from harmful cosmic and solar rays by the magnetic field -- these may be a problem. There also is some science indicating there will be a temporary drop in oxygen levels. Other consequences seem less certain. Some theorize that the earth will stop spinning and then begin spinning in the opposite direction. (The Hopi and other indigenous peoples predict that this ---saying the earth will reverse its spin and the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.) I recently read a reference to this in Jewish teachings as well. Other consequences may be a shifting around of land masses if the crust slips around on the mantle. imo, how violent this is depends a lot on how much mankind has interfered w/natural processes (deep oil mining, for instance) and also how panicked humanity becomes. When humanity panics -- it affects the system as a whole -- as is the case currently. This is well known to the tools of evil -- which is why they keep pushing the fear card thru acts of terror and promoting worst case scenarios regarding what is happening within our world today. Perhaps there will be a roll-over -- but that is not a given, does the mechanism seem to be known that wld cause this.

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