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Friday January 30, 2015

2nd Week with Linda Howe: the Bizarre 1st 12 Days of January

Unexplained booms, bizarre earthquakes--the first 12 days of January are almost beyond explanation. Learn more in this special 1 hour Dreamland. The second half hour is the section normally reserved for subscribers. Please enjoy it, and consider subscribing to Unknowncountry.com.

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The Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained

The Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained is the new book Whitley Strieber is writing with Jeffrey Kripal, the Rayzor Professor of Religion at Rice University. It will be published by Tarcher/Penguin in February of next year. They are calling it the most important book on the paranormal since Charles Fort published the Book of the Damned in 1919.

Listen to Whitley read the first chapter of this amazing book. The beginning of a truly new vision, at last.

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That's the same feeling I had, Whitley when I first heard about the reported booms around the world. That there is 'Someone coming and going'.

Could be... Like a dimensional "Sonic Boom", mebbe'?
I hope that we find our inner Godhead - Soon!

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