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Friday December 26, 2014

Year End Spectacular: 6 of Our Most Popular Guests on 2015 and Beyond

Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeremy Vaeni, Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell tell us their expectations for the future in this two-week special edition of Dreamland.

In this 90 minute special, six of our frequent guests discuss their expectations for the new year and the future that lies beyond. Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Marrs offer very different takes on the economy, Peter Levenda discusses the legacy of the Nazis as it has developed in the middle east, Joseph Farrell discusses the chilling power of the black budget, and Jeremy Vaeni reveals some exciting plans.

This is Dreamland at its best. Don't miss a single moment of this amazing show!

You can reach our guests at their websites:

Joseph Farrell: GizaDeathStar.com.
Catherine Austin Fitts: Solari.com.
Linda Moulton Howe: Earthfiles.com.
Peter Levenda: PeterLevenda.com.
Jim Marrs: JimMarrs.com.
Jeremy Vaeni: JayVay.Wordpress.com.

Coming January 9:  Renowned futurist John Petersen of the Arlington Institute paints one of the most extraordinary portraits of our future that you will ever encounter.

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Starfire Tor and the Terror of the Unknown

Without warning on a recent afternoon, Starfire Tor experienced a devastating seizure. She was alone at the time, and struggled frantically to call for help, finally reaching her friend Brandon Scott, who came to her apartment, then rushed her to the hospital. She remained hospitalized for 10 days, during which time not only did she have further seizures, but also had to face a medical mystery: the doctors had no idea what was happening to her.

In this candid and deeply moving interview, Starfire speaks of her struggle, and why she feels that her work with powerful esoteric energies might have induced this medical emergency.

This is a deeply moving and revealing interview. You will never have heard anything else like it in your life, a true look into the dangers of challenging the extreme edge.

Starfire wants your help. If you are a Facebook friend, go to her page for more information. If not, follow her there. She writes, "Dear Facebook Friends – I was very touched by your outpouring of concern over my recent brain seizure and 10 day hospitalization. Many of you wrote that you were either saying prayers for me, or that you would like to join in a group prayer session to restore my health." She goes on to explain how to join the healing effort on her page.

In Whitley's Room from Dec 27: Whitley Strieber on 2015, our changing planet, changing human consciousness and the emergence of the new man.

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Whitley and Anne, Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year.

Thank you for all the work that you do, and I wish you both well for 2015.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you Whitley, Anne, and the whole Dreamland Team! Glad to hear "The Experience" will be extended into the subscriber section, as I felt it only scratched the surface of the experiencers Jeremy interviewed ( great interviews regardless,but left me wanting to hear more). Peace .

Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy, healing, wisdom and peace! Thank you each for your courage and inquisitive minds and open hearts. Many blessings to you!

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