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Friday November 14, 2014

Dreamland: Hidden Meaning of the Movies

Movies contain esoteric symbolism, and many of the early movie makers were Masons. Here, a master Mason explores the secrets of the movies. Some writers and directors have deep esoteric knowledge and have been inspired to use the power of the medium to explore profound secrets.

Light vs. dark, good vs. evil, the hidden meanings of movies like the Matrix and their connection to Manichean Gnosticism--all this and more. See INTO the movies for the first time!

This is one of the most amazing Dreamlands we have ever done. Between the three of them, Robert, Whitley and Anne know many, many secrets about the movies. A real gem!

Visit Robert on his website, RobertWSullivanIV.com

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When most people enter a movie theater, they sit and are passively entertained. Then they leave and forget about it, or so they think. The truth is, that the movies enter our imagination, using the power of light and shadow to influence and change the unconscious. In understanding this, there is immense personal power, and Robert W. Sullivan DOES understand it!

Listen as Robert W. Sullivan draws on his immense trove of esoteric knowledge to explain the hidden meaning of movies like the Ring Trilogy, Star Wars and the Matrix. You will come away from this with a totally new vision of our world and the hidden power of the creative people who give it meaning.

Listening to this interview is a profound and deeply empowering experience.

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What a fascinating couple of interviews, thank you!

A movie to watch out for in the near future (Feb 2015), that no doubt will be full of arcane reference is, 'Jupiter Ascending' by the Wachawski Brothers, who of course also wrote, directed and produced 'The Matrix'...don't miss it...



Did anybody mention 'MAD MAX' ?

Another movie worth mentioning is "The Ninth Configuration" starring Stacy Keach.

Love the podcast but this one not my favorite. Looking forward to next week.

I'm very glad that you have addressed this topic of esoteric and archetypal symbolism in movies, though I suspect that many more of us have long been aware of this for a long time. While I certainly do not envision a dark conspiracy behind all of these movies, I (and many others) have discerned a battle for our souls and minds being played out through our movies, through the diverse symbolic representations of archetypal oppositions - good and evil, light and dark, masculine and feminine, worldly power and spiritual or ethical power etc. I do think that the producers and directors of these movies are often quite aware of it, but there is most likely a strong unconscious element to those movies as well, with much of the symbolism being intuitive.

The battle goes far beyond Masonic connections to the divine symbolism of the ancient Mysteries, to mythic themes of very ancient origin, to Kabbalism, Zoarastrianism and (dare I say it?) Christian mysticism. (I suspect that many of the Jewish movie makers were closet Kabbalists). As you say, Whitley, these mythic oppositions in movies represent the fundamental spiritual conflict and interplay between dark and light, and the soul's imperative to discern between them and choose.

But how can our modern stories not express this core human journey of ascent or descent when all of the material world is but a mirror of the greater reality, the arena on which the incarnate soul must play out its growth and awakening (or descent)? It is in our stories, our novels, our fairytales, our movies, and also, though most of us do not recognise it, in our everyday choices.

I think it is important to recognise also the powerful influence to evil and selfishness in some movies, often presented in alluring guise that is, I think, intended to appeal to the lowest factor among us. Ironically, even in these movies, the light often shines despite the dark prerogative: the light of Truth cannot be wholly hidden.

Movies can also open our eyes to the greater reality in which we exist, and our unrecognised potential: 2001, Phenomenon, What Dreams may Come, Melancholia, Transcendence, Interstellar.

Hermes Trimegistus, by the way, is a probably mythic figure also equated with the Egyptian Thoth, who imparted sacred wisdom to humanity. Books purported to be by him were translated and dispersed in 14th C Europe and had a profound influence on European thought and culture, and the Hermetic teachings contained in those books influenced many important Christian philosophers. Hermeticism is, one can say, the Perennial Philosophy, a constant thread of fundamental mystical and spiritual teachings that are believed to manifest in different ways in all mystical traditions.

Over two weeks ago, I had a very interesting dream involving Masonry and certain well-known contemporary actors. Very vivid, and I won't go into the details here, however I just about fell out of my chair while watching the new movie, 'Interstellar' yesterday. I saw so much going on in this movie on many levels (quantum and otherwise!), and was surprised to find out near the end of the movie that one of the actors in my dream made a surprising, un-billed appearance. This struck me so profoundly that I broke down in tears.

Don't listen to the negative criticism about this movie. The theater I was in was full of people, and it was also one of those movies where people just sat there for several minutes after the credits began rolling. If you are one of the denizens of UnknownCountry, you will 'get' this movie and also have an intense experience too.

I agree, Cosmic Librarian. Well said.

Well said, indeed. You've convinced Anne and I to go see it. We'll report on our reaction here.

Look forward to reading your comments on the movie, Anne and Whitley. I'm going to see it again today while it's still on the big screen, this time to listen more closely to all that scientific dialogue.

Just checking to see if the comment section is really locked. A long post I wrote was not accepted saying the comments section was locked and deleted the entire page from my browser. Naughty, naughty. Not impressed with Sullivan was my bottom line. Very old paradigm. Whitley's comments, on the other hand, as well as Anne's, were superb.

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