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Friday August 22, 2014

Triangle UFOs and Strange Sounds

For the first time, the strange sounds that have been present in our world are being connected with triangular UFOs. The sounds being heard are so loud, that it's difficult to believe that the triangles or some sort of conventional stealth aircraft. As one of Linda's guests comments, 'audio connects to fight or flight responses in the brain.' But why have the triangular craft suddenly become associated with sound when they have been almost universally observed to be silent.

These sounds are focused on the human mind, and we must ask the question, what if the entire planet was subjected to this phenomenon at the same time? Don't miss this provocative, disturbing and shockingly informative interview. (This is a reprise of a report done for subscribers. Linda's new report will be available in the subscriber area on Saturday, August 23. Normally, her reports will continue to appear first on Dreamland.)

Dreamland will be on hiatus next week. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

In September, we will be starting an exciting new year of programming. Joseph Farrell will be back, joining Uri Geller, Matthew Fox, JZ Knight and many more in our new lineup. And, as always, there will be more exciting reports from Linda Moulton Howe, and weekly visits from familiar guests and new. Dreamland: Unique in the world.

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High Strangeness Synchronicity

An ultra high strangeness event took place on Thursday involving a report received by Linda Moulton Howe, a book Whitley Strieber was writing, and one of the strangest photographs we have ever seen. On Saturday at noon, the whole story will be posted here for subscribers, along with the photo in question.

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It looks like there is no Special Interview this week as of Friday morning.

We've had something pretty incredible happen. We will post tomorrow. It is worth the wait, believe me.

Looking forward to it.

Same here.

Me too!!

I'm looking forward to it, too. Thank you, Whitley.

Me too, as always!!

Wonderful! Lovely!

awesome Whitley cant wait...

I believe it's a video of an alien doing the ice bucket challenge. Can't wait.

Whitley, you always have the most compelling, disturbing, and thought-provoking stories. Counting the hours to hear about this.

Ugh where's special interview?!

Oh I spoke too soon. I apologize

ooooh I CAN'T WAIT! I CAN'T WAIT! If it's a photograph of an alien, I would be floored. =O

Thanks for the update, Whitley. Looking forward to the special interview : )


Can't wait too....

Now this is what I call looking forward to getting back home later and dialling in to UC to see what the mystery is.

Love it!

Hmm, this week's main show appears to be the special interview from July 28th reposted, unless I have experienced a timeslip that includes a pre-saved MP3.

Wow, I was getting confused for a while there, lol.

However, it's still a very interesting show so what the heck.

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