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The fabled Prophecy of St. Malachy ends with the next pope, who is described as leading the Catholic Church through a time of tremendous suffering that culminates in the destruction of Rome itself. That pope will ascend to the Chair of St. Peter in a few weeks, following the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. John Hogue discusses the significance of the resignation of the pope as it relates to the Prophecy of St. Malachy.

How accurate have the prophecies been, and has the Vatican been quietly making sure that they are accurate, by electing popes whose credentials fit the predictions? If so, why? Is there some hidden knowledge that has compelled them to do this, and does that somehow relate to the current pope’s sudden resignation? Find out as Whitley Strieber asks John Hogue for his expert opinion–and prepare to be surprised at the answer, and how it relates to scandals within the church, and the suppressed third secret of Fatima.

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  1. I am a life long catholic of
    I am a life long catholic of 64 years and I don’t understand what the church is doing.. I know they are fully aware of this 2nd to the last pope prophecy…. So are they deliberately trying to fulfill it or make it happen?

  2. As a former Catholic, I don’t
    As a former Catholic, I don’t give a s**t about the Catholic church, or monotheism in general. I would pay real money to see the Vatican torn down, sold for scrap, and reestablish Jupiter as the supreme being and all the plethora of misfits of all the Roman Gods of Goddess to boot.

    1. You don’t have to pay a dime.
      You don’t have to pay a dime. We already have a plethora of misfits. They live and work in Washington D.C.

  3. I really wish people would
    I really wish people would just abandon religion. Old superstition that has no place in modern society and divides people. Some are hindu, some are muslims, some are christians and the rest of us are watching in disbelief. I absolutely hate what religion has done to people throughout history. Burning, torturing and killing people while feeling mentally superior – much like the nazis. The only thing I can come up with is that it is rooted deep in people similar to what Our parent teach us. Opinions not necessarily true but rooted to deep to be discarded.

    1. I agree. I think personal
      I agree. I think personal spirituality is much more important than ascribing to a particular religion .

  4. It is interesting that Arthur
    It is interesting that Arthur C Clark who had a few rather interesting prophetic hits in his career. Has in one of his novels, I think it may have been “3001”, Rome being destroyed and a pope called Peter!

  5. One should not let a symbolic
    One should not let a symbolic figure head such as a Pope affect one’s belief or faith. If Ronald McDonald suddenly resigned, would burger lovers stop eating big macs at their favorite said fast-food chain?

  6. The Vatican hired Mauro
    The Vatican hired Mauro Biglino, a scholar of ancient languages, to translate some ancient Masorotic (not sure of spelling) Hebrew Old Testament texts… and fired him around book 19 because … he kept finding references to Anunak and similar names who were not at all gods, even tho’ they lived very long lives, but rather, from space… Biglino also discovered NO original sin (so think of all the lies over the centuries!) and no savior predictions in the old testament… so far it has only been published in Italian… but it’s getting out, there are people talking about it and the Vatican is already publishing some bogus version of it… meanwhile, the English version is coming… I think THAT has more to do with why the Pope is stepping down than anything, the whole charade is going to collapse… between scandals, money disappearing, pedophiles… good riddance.

  7. Like Nancy above, I have
    Like Nancy above, I have wondered why the Prophecy of St. Malachy is so accurate. It must be that the Synod of Cardinals has been following it at least since it first became public in 1595. In other words, the popes and their electors intentionally adhere to it. No prophecy could be that accurate. It is something that is being done. But why? There is a strong strain of millennial thinking in all single-diety fundamentalisms, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. The alliance between Israeli conservatives and Christian fundamentalists in the US is an example. The Christians hope to cause a war that will trigger Armageddon. Similarly, the Iranian theocracy pursues the aim of causing a battle that will induce the return of the Mahdi. So, is the Vatican on some similar lunatic path? When will we ever be done with all this nonsense, I wonder? If ever.

  8. @Lisa A – I will check out
    @Lisa A – I will check out Biglino. What he has to say sounds very interesting. Thanks for that… didn’t know about him.

  9. The Oh of Pleasure is for me
    The Oh of Pleasure is for me at least Perfect for Dreamland.. I even work it into my own Meditations; I hope you chose not to change. BB.

  10. I love how people say the
    I love how people say the Bible is a fairy tale. But actually if you take time to read it, funny how our reality seems to follow along its prophetic timeline as prophecy after prophecy come to pass. But if you never read it and studied it, I guess you wouldn’t know. Oh and every one is entitled to there own belief. But I for one hate all the New Age..ers calling Jesus a master and comparing him to Budda, reaching nirvana and raising from the dead are two different things. Jesus filled over a few hundred O.T prophecies as well. Budda never did that either. Just food for thought. Not every one has to be Christen. but I for one see Christ as Son of God, Part of the Holy trinity, massiah and not just a Master. And I myself believe in aliens and come from a science backround. But we need to start dropping the whole arrogant ego trip and admit a higher power is in charge and no we homo sapians havn’t and will never figure it all out. Have some faith.

  11. Thousands of early Christans
    Thousands of early Christans some being eye witnesses to the ressurection, lost thier lives instead of denounce what they witnessed, Why hundreds of thousands would be so eager to loose their lives if the ressurection never happened, just tell your captives “hey why not let me go, Jesus who”? And keep your life, my point I wouldn’t offer my life over for myth. Most people never look at Christianity from that point of view.

  12. This is just affirmating.
    This is just affirmating. The millions (including family) but it’s ok by our understanding are waiting for the ” I told you so moment”– , it will never come! We love Jesus!, but we are ready to love Buddha and Allha too! , ahaa.


    On one occasion when asked what to do about individuals who became interested in a religion that was different than one’s own, Cayce replied:

    “… what is the difference? As He has given, it will ever be found that Truth—whether in this or that schism or ism or cult—is of the One source. Are there not trees of oak, of ash, of pine? There are the needs of these for meeting this or that experience … Find not fault with ANY, but rather show forth as to just how good a pine, or ash, or oak, or VINE, thou art!” (Edgar Cayce reading 254-87)

    Regardless of the name we call God or the religion on earth that we feel drawn to, there is but one Creator, one Source, one Law. In fact, perhaps more than anything else, this concept of “oneness” is the underlying philosophy of the Edgar Cayce readings: “The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One-One; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness-Oneness!” (900-429)

  14. It may be worth running Dave
    It may be worth running Dave Davies’ music as Dreamland’s theme for a few weeks and then put it to an online snap poll.

    Personally, I like both pieces of music, and why have just one theme per show? One theme could play the show in and the other the out play.

    Coast to Coast has used separate themes for its start and finish for years and it allows a groovy flexibility.

    All said and done, no harm in trying something new.

  15. My two cents- I’d vote for
    My two cents- I’d vote for alternating or rotating both pieces of music. I like them both.
    Insofar as the Catholic Church is concerned, it’s been becoming less and less relevant over the past few decades, and it feels like the current pope stepping down is another screw popping out of that frame. The church has to find a way to address the changes that need to happen within and without, and it’s been flailing about for too long now. Unless it’s willing to make some big and likely painful changes, it’s entirely possible that the next pope could be the last.

  16. This sounds exactly like
    This sounds exactly like Godfather Part III! (The part with John Paul)

  17. Oh, just for a
    Oh, just for a clarification….Buddha is not a “god.” A Buddha is an enlightened human being. Sorry, but too many people make that mistake. I was shocked to find a rabbinical student “shocked” at that discovery. There were a number of “historical Buddhas, however everyone has a “Buddha

  18. Here we have a new Pope
    Here we have a new Pope today, and I don’t think John Hogue’s predictions could have been further off. Not that I don’t think he’ll somehow spin it to make it sound like he was really, really close.

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