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As the first person to be recruited into the US Army’s remote viewing program, Joe McMoneagle is designated as Psychic Spy 001. He is also one of the most successful remote viewers in history, with a long record of success both in the remote viewing program and in private practice.

Here, he tells Dreamland’s psychic expert Marla Frees his gripping personal story , detailing many of his astounding successes and also tells us some little-known stories about his early life and how he discovered his remote viewing capabilities and his psychic powers. His description of how he was saved from death in Vietnam by psychic means is unforgettable.

He tells what happened when he was asked to remote view a UFO that a federal agency had a photograph of. The agency knew that the object was a hundred and fifty feet in diameter and was at 13,000 feet. Joe told them more, and now he tells us.

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  1. Joe McMoneagle provided
    Joe McMoneagle provided excellent information about psi functions and survival instincts in human society. It would have been especially informative had he compared the extremely high psi functions observed in ETs and/or visitors, who seem to have achieved high levels of civilization that seem to have resolved stresses of feast and famine crises of subsistence survival. This is to say that the highest levels of psi are reported (although not tested) in those who have achieved the highest levels of civilization. Is it possible that ETs and/or visitors develop different levels of psi functions that are not related to basic survival stresses?

    As a point of interest, the Celtic speaking peoples first emerged as a distinct culture between 800 and 400 BCE, thousands of years AFTER the end of the Ice Age. The Celts in Northern Europe did not suffer feast and famine stresses of the Ice Age and its subsequent violent end. They entered the northern latitudes of Ireland no earlier than 600 BCE and as late as 400 BCE, when Ireland was already well warmed for agriculture. The Celts were in France long before they were in northern Europe. In fact, “Paris” was named for a Celtic settlement. This quick “Wikipedia” article provides good references for further study, and .

    Importantly, Joe McMoneagle distinguished between psychic function and shamanism. Those with high psychic functioning would be selected for shamanic training, underscoring that an individual may be psychic but not trained as a shaman. But a trained shaman would almost certainly be psychic. Training is delivered within cultural context that includes concepts inherent in language.

    “McMoneagle: “…Given that everyone will show some psychic ability, it’s the shaman, the shaman initiate that you want, will be the world class psychic. The only way to test that is to test it under extreme stress or duress, and thereby see them perform when the chips are down, so to speak. I think the best shaman who led the tribes of people thousands of years ago from one valley to the next were determined to be the best shaman until, say, another person came along who was probably better or more psychic, in which case they would take the place of the active shaman. So, certainly their students were selected through some means of harsh selection, or — how would you say it? — through some form of application that tested their survival?”

  2. Stress means high energy. One
    Stress means high energy. One thing I was taught as part of the BPI (Berkeley Psychic Institute) is to run energy using certain techniques in order to open the door to psychic awareness. When one is under stress, energy is doubtless flowing. Having high energy will cause stress upon the body, it is a reciprocal relationship. Cavemen also had higher energy levels, being in better physical shape and through eating foods untainted by pesticides. As far as civilization is concerned, if you are completely comfortable and low energy, you probably won’t have much psychic ability.

    Connection to high energy levels means psychic connection to extra dimensional frequencies. When one is immersed in the flow, one is able to tune in spontaneously to incoming messages about future events.

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