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"Real money is not what we have in this country. Real money is issued by the state against the economic power of the country. What we have is monetized debt. Its purpose is to inject a level of profit into the system: the interest that government must pay to finance the debt. The one thing that congress will not debate is what we really need to do: return to state-issued money. This was true until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. " –Joseph Farrell

Listen as Jim Marrs interviews Joseph Farrell about the hidden history of what Joseph Farrell calls "the banksters," the bank-gangsters who have been running our world since time immemorial. You will be deeply shocked by the extent to which we have been enslaved by these people. They have suppressed technologies that might free us from the burden of purchasing expensive and polluting fossil fuels. They have burdened us with what is essentially a false debt that insures that they will continue to profit and we will continue to pay down the halls of time.

Debt-loaded money creates social instability. Debt-free money can be inflation controlled and is intrinsically more stable. An example is the money of ancient Egypt, which was debt-free money and provided the foundation of the most stable
civilization the world has ever known.

Debt-loaded money needs occasional economic crises to support bank profits. Witness the current recession and the massive, immensely profitable "bailouts" the banks have enjoyed while the people have been left to lose their homes and jobs.

Thank you, banksters.

As Joseph Farrell puts it in his powerful new book, "It’s high time to have done with them."

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  1. I want to know, what can we
    I want to know, what can we “little people” DO about this mess?

    1. Its a biggie isn’t it? As
      Its a biggie isn’t it? As Joseph Farrel says, the first step is to remove individual status of corporations, make CEO’s personally responsible under law for their actions and go for them in the courts in a big way. Whist they are dealing with that, freeze their assets and confiscate all documentation, make the corporations pay for all costs and legal procedures. This will keep them occupied while we tear apart their structure and their actions. simultaneously we must take control of our own government processes.

  2. All very interesting and
    All very interesting and disturbing but I’m confused, wasn’t this week meant to be John Hogue and Starfire Tor on 2011 predictions?

  3. excellent idea Mr. Crocker!

    excellent idea Mr. Crocker!
    I read a great article a while back about that ruling, that not only was that the wrong interpretation (corp = person) but that the person who wrote the summary DELIBERATELY misrepresented that on behalf of big business (which is where he originated and went back to after the ruling). Since we now have a Supreme Court in the pocket of biz, along with Congress, that effort is going to have to come from the people. If the Tea Party really had a clue (and wasn’t co-opted by right wing extremists) they’d be all over that.

  4. I signed up today as a
    I signed up today as a subscriber specifically due to this show. I’ve been listening about ten years now, and hoping this very issue, which I consider “the only issue that matters” would be expanded upon on this site. I have never registered to vote (nor of course voted) because I learned early on about the nature of the debt system. People will fight me, and call me “UnAmerican” for not voting, saying I therefore have no right to an opinion. Meanwhile, I sleep well at night knowing I have not supported a single one of these war-raging criminals that create so much violence in the world (in large part to serve the debt system), and that people seem so happy to put in political positions. Being non-partisan, and recognizing the self-evident…that both parties and all candidates are in fact funded by debt notes…it becomes the *only* topic that matters, at all, ever. All candidates SERVE the debt system! THANK YOU for posting this show. It is LONG overdue. I hope it wakes even more people up, because as soon as people grasp the nature of the debt cycle/system, REAL change will FINALLY happen.

  5. Joseph Farrel stated that the
    Joseph Farrel stated that the dept system is a result of the bad human interest on this planet and that government money is the product of the good human interest. However, he stated that the Nazis implemented their own government money, that part of the effort to defeat the Nazis was to stop this from going world wide. Later he stated that after the war the Nazis in a way became apart of this group that now supports the dept system. So my question is how do we identify them now?

  6. To D Breitbach and Lisa,
    To D Breitbach and Lisa, Philip above et al:
    I appreciate your level of clarity and applied-knowledge so much, all I can add is THAT is why I subscribe ALSO to hear feedback to these interviews which keep blasting us with the meaning of what is going on in areas we can’t go while doing whatever we’re doing that engages our purpose now. Thank You! I m in the Los Angeles area and yet so lonely to have friends or worthy cohorts to wrangle over these issues. 🙂

  7. One used to have the luxury
    One used to have the luxury of “voting with your feet” and run away. There IS an alternative that I’ve read about too: “Voting with the sword” NOT that I advocate it 😉

    But wouldn’t it be delightful if it were suddenly dangerous to be a greed-head, non-compassionate, State-driven type of creature?

    Thomas Jefferson advocated, and I quote: The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and tyrants, for that is It’s natural manure.

    1. Our government thinks the
      Our government thinks the powers that be are to big to fail. We must daily see and feel them fail. If we don’t who will?

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