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Strange sounds began to be heard in various parts of the world in March of 2011. At first, few people took notice, but the number of reports began to rise more quickly after September, until by Febuary of 2012, there are hundreds of reports, most of them posted as videos on YouTube. A substantial number of these are hoaxes, either using manufactured sounds or simply repeating recordings made by others.

This week, Linda Moulton Howe offers interviews with witnesses who have personally heard the sounds, including a sound engineer who is able to describe the strange trumpet-like sound he heard from a professional viewpoint.

Some of the recordings are genuine unknowns. Linda’s witnesses are articulate and clear in their testimony.  But if you look on YouTube, you will find an exceptional level of hostility to all of these reports. Strangely, many of the most hostile responses are from YouTube accounts that appear to have just been set up, to have no videos of their own, and no subscribers. In any case, the flood of hoaxes and the strange level of hostility are an unusual feature of the phenomenon. The intensity of the responses is so great that it is coming close to what Whitley Strieber calls a ‘folkloric panic’ similar to the hysteria that developed around the passage of the Hale-Bopp comet.

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber cut through the hoaxes and confusion, and target what is real about the phenomenon with rational discussion and down-to-earth witnesses who describe what they heard in detail.

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  1. Half way through the podcast
    Half way through the podcast I was thinking that it will be just another one of those things that fades into nothing like the drones and the sudden recent animal deaths and bingo you mentioned it.
    The raising of the dead,I always thought meant the ascended ones that have mastered a form of meditation in death so great that they could muster a physical form by intention and not by compulsion.
    Interesting times are here though if you follow these odd kinds of things.

  2. Could this be caused by
    Could this be caused by HARP??? Or any other atmospheric/environmental manipulation program? Where’s Nich Begich?

  3. Thats a very cool program.
    Thats a very cool program. I think Linda M-H is right on the money. The muffled tv sound…just like the thin apt walls… you can hear your neighbor. The pressing together of realities and the barrier becomes thin… the road noise and the muffled tv sound. It isnt a uniform change so it wont be perceived in all places at the same moment. Its always been my contention that the so called “end of the world” would be all the alternate existances would be in the same place at the same time. I reference the Hopi prophecy of the days of darkness and people turning into smoke.
    The realities come together ..then separate. The individual’s vibration will determine which reality that person goes to.
    food for thought,

  4. A few months ago, before I
    A few months ago, before I was aware of this phenomena world-wide, I was awakened in the middle of the night, on at least 3 different nights, by a machine-like sound. It was constant, and ongoing for several minutes at a time. I remember covering my head with a pillow to drown it out so that I could sleep. One night my friend was there, but slept right through it. I haven’t heard these sounds since then. If I remember correctly, this was around November of last year. The sound did not frighten me, but it was certainly annoying, and I was curious about what it was, but not enough to get out of bed, go downstairs, and out into the cold. Although I have been following these stories closely for several weeks, it wasn’t until I listened to Dreamland last night that I made the connection.

  5. All this is so strange. Here
    All this is so strange. Here in the English countryside, I can’t say I’ve heard anything like this but am quite well convinced that this business is going on. One recurring theme/symbol in dreams these past few months, over and over is ‘time running out’ and ‘hurry up’. Saw a beautiful, engraved gold pocket-watch in a dream the other night. I can’t help coupling all these reports of strange sounds with my dreams and a feeling that something is about to happen. Wow, what an amazing time to be alive. I wonder what we will experience. I can feel in my bones that it is soon, very soon, but have no bad feelings or vibes though. What an adventure…

  6. after first hearing about
    after first hearing about these sounds, I began to notice that where I live, every now and then there are massive traffic sounds (which don’t entirely make sense, the nearest highway is a couple miles away, but I used to attribute to that), or multiple airplanes, not always visible, or similar things – even late at night, including heavy truck sounds sometimes… I wonder if it’s some “invisible” high tech thing with a “cover” sound that one would simply ignore b/c it’s “normal” in more urban areas… hm. The Kiev one is freaky, but reminds me a bit of wind over a small opening of some sort (like blowing across a bottle top)…

  7. We’re so easily manipulated
    We’re so easily manipulated en masse. However, I admire the effort the Unknown Country team has, unsurprisingly, devoted to reasonable critical analysis of this apparent phenomenon. We may indeed find we are being led up the garden path to justify someone’s population control ‘event’ OR it may be ‘other dimensions’, warnings from another civilisation etc… who knows.? One thing here, like so many of you folks, I’ll try to face the changes with clarity and determination. If at all possible, I will try to chose my own destiny, regardless of any panoptic vogue.

  8. My wife and I have been
    My wife and I have been hearing a low hum, like a motor running somewhere in the house for over 6 months. At first we thought it was electrical, and many nights went around trying to turn off various appliances to stop it to no avail. During the October snow last year, all power was lost for 3 days within 5 miles of us, and still we could hear the hum during the night. We lost power a month ago and we still could hear the hum.
    The Kiev sounds are very like large machinery moving around through.

  9. I recently finished reading
    I recently finished reading H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. Very scarey stuff. Now, I’m hearing about unearthly trumpet or siren-like sounds being emitted from an unknown origin and reports of metallic boxes appearing on the west coast. Poor timing on my part to have read this novel.

  10. I’ve heard some of this
    I’ve heard some of this rushing, whirlwind sound before and saw white moths accompanied, in dreams.

    Last night, I dreamt of white long haired Afghan Hounds that looked like people, and blue-green flying vehicles. It’s close.. very close.

  11. What a great pic of Linda!
    What a great pic of Linda!

  12. I have heard a strange sound
    I have heard a strange sound here in Southeast Queensland Australia too, I have heard that these sounds which are on the surface not from inside the earth are from technology being used by people from the agarthian network from inner earth to clear our atmosphere and also they have put large metal boxes on the beaches which when turned on will hum, this is to clean the oceans

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